Our Partners

GOLD Partner - Rennes (France)

GLPi Expert Company since 2006, Infotel has a savoir-faire on all phases of a project.
We provide IT system audits, consulting and expertise, setup and integration of software and solutions. Infotel also offers specific plugin development, training and technical support.

Infos and contact

Phone: +33 2 99 23 11 23
Mail: glpi@infotel.com
Website: www.infotel.com/services/expertise-technique/glpi/
Adress: Neway Mabilais, 2 Rue de la Mabilais, 35000 Rennes, France
Partnership Level: Gold

SILVER Partner - Cholet (France)

IT Gouvernance is an IT Services and Consulting company, specialized in governance and organization of Information System :

  • ITSM Services Management
  • Strategic IT Alignment
  • IT Security Management
  • IT Management of Services Outsourcing
Infos and contact

Phone: +33 7 83 73 19 76
Mail: contact@it-gouvernance.fr
Website: http://www.it-gouvernance.fr

Adress: 6 Rue du Président Wilson, 49300 Cholet, France
Partnership Level: Silver

SILVER Partner - Casablanca - Maroc

Inovteam is an IT consulting firm, that structures its global offer around the poles of Governance & IT transformation, IT project management and solutions integration.

  • CRM
  • Dematerialization, EDM
  • Systems Integration
  • Outsourcing CMDB
  • IT Security
Infos and contact

Phone: +33 757 90 11 77
Mail: contact@inovteam.com
Website: http://www.inovteam.com/
Adress: 10 Boulevard de la Liberté, Casablanca 20250, Maroc
Partnership Level: Partenaires Silver

SILVER Partner - La Réunion (France)

SOS Consulting is an IT consulting company specialized in open source software. Our knowledge and area of expertise go from IT audit to full featured solutions for your information system.
Indeed, our team of experts provide your organization with the best fitted IT solutions to respond to your needs and improve your IT infrastructure for a better profitability.

Infos and contact

Phone : +33 5 96 42 51 56
Website: http://www.sosconsulting.fr/
Adress: Haut de Frégate 97240 Le François
Partnership Level: Partenaires Silver

SILVER Partner - Nouméa & Koné (New Caledonia) - Pirae (Tahiti).

Computer Services Company, in Nouméa & Koné (New Caledonia) & Pirae (Tahiti).

SF2i offers a wide range of services, organized into 3 business lines (IT Services, Training, Computer Engineering), to support companies, administrations, communities, around their Information System.

Infos and contact

Phone:  (33) 9 72 34 70 28, (687) 24 23 22
Website: http://www.sf2i.nc 
Adress: 112, Promenade Pierre Vernier, Nouméa BP.18645 , 98857 Nouméa Cedex
Partnership Level: Silver

SILVER Partner - Slovakia

OMNICOM provides professional service in the field of educating and consulting, with the use of world-recognised methods, standards, and best practices.

Our scope of services is based on holistic approach covering Governance, Processes, Tools and People. Through combination of expertise in areas like ITSM, DevOps, Agile, Lean, Digital transformation and open source tools, we are delivering high value services to our customers.

Infos and contact

Phone:  +421 4445 2840
Website: http://www.omnicom.sk/
Adress: Lakeside park, Tomášikova 64 , 831 04 Bratislava, Slovakia

Partnership Level: Silver

GOLD Partner - Paris (France)

IT open source solutions integration and support since 2003 :

  • Technical and functional architecture consulting
  • Migration project organisation
  • Change management
  • Implementation, deployment, data recovery, integration
  • Support and TMA
  • Training
Infos and contact

Phone: +33 1 75 57 84 80
Mail: info@starxpert.fr
Website: www.starxpert.fr
Adress: 8 Rue Eugène Varlin, 75010 Paris, France
Partnership Level: Gold

SILVER Partner - Murcia - Spain

Among our range of activities and since 2008, we work with various solutions under free software licenses, amongst which is GLPi. Indeed, we implement solutions responsible of the activity management associated with technological services, using ITIL as a model of good practice in order to shape processes as ICT Assets Management, Operations Management, Event Management and Levels of Services Management, among others.

Infos and contact

Phone: +34 902 363 293
Mail: marketing@inforges.es
Website: http://www.inforges.es/inforges
Adress: Calle Vicente Aleixandre, 13, 30011 Murcia, Spain
Partnership Level: Silver

SILVER Partner - Meyrin - Switzerland

Cap Informatique has been operating on the IT market since 1995. The company specializes in providing all services related to the installation of corporate computer systems, mainly on Windows.
Altsys, since its foundation in 1999, has specialized in Apple products, and provides a full range of original manufacturer services to private customers and SMEs, which are fans of the Apple brand.
The 2 companies merged to provide cutting-edge technologies and a highly professional service to IT users across the Canton of Geneva and the Lake Leman region.

Infos and contact

Phone: +41 22 596 44 90
Contact: http://www.capinformatique.ch/contact
Website: http://www.capinformatique.ch
Adress: Rue des Lattes 1, 1217 Meyrin, Switzerland
Partnership Level: Silver

SILVER Partner - Pontevedra - Spain

TICgal integrates open source and proprietary solutions in order to get the best of both worlds.
We work with the GLPi solution since 2008, offering the expertise, knowledge and effort to meet your business needs and to help you optimize your IT system and infrastructure.

Infos and contact

Phone: +34 986 10 1000
Mail: hello@ticgal.com
Website: http://tic.gal/en/
Adress: Rúa dos Gagos de Mendoza, 2, 36001 Pontevedra, Galicia
Partnership Level: Silver

SILVER Partner - La Réunion & Bordeaux (France)

Lolokai Conseil supports your company in your IT infrastructure management projects in the Indian Ocean.
As a human-sized company, our aim is to listen to our customers. We provide them with our knowledge and experience to offer the best solutions, in order to ease the daily management of their information system.

Infos and contact

Phone: +33 6 92 15 80 06
Website: http://www.lolokaiconseil.com/
Adress: 187 Chemin du Cimetiere, Saint Pierre, La Reunion
Partnership Level: Silver

SILVER Partner - Belgium

Founded in 1989, OPNS is a Benelux entity that occupies around 20 people and has activities in Belgium, Luxembourg, the north of France and also in the Middle East. OPNS Mission Statement consists in providing any size company the best solution filling its today’s and tomorrow’s needs using the most advanced proven technologies.OPNS’s customer base consists of medium to large companies and ministries, from different sectors like banks, insurances, retail, industries, health care and public institutions. OPNS has developed strong or exclusive partnership with recognized brands related to its core activities, like: MicroFocus, GLPI, Suse, Veeam, X-IO, VMware, Vasco …

Infos and contact

Phone: +32 2 542 87 87
Website: http://www.opns.be 
Adress: Rue Théodore Verhaegen 196, 1060 Saint-Gilles, Belgium
Partnership Level: Silver

SILVER Partner - Montreal (Quebec / Canada) - Montpellier (France)

Synairgis is a consulting company based in Montreal and Montpellier, specialized in IT and building infrastructure management with an approach focused on sustainable development.Our activities include the implementation of GLPi IT services management system based on the best practices and framework (ITIL compliant).

Infos and contact


Phone: +001 514 842 8014
Mail: contact@synairgis.com
Website: https://www.synairgis.com
Adress: 4621 Boul St-Laurent, Montréal, QC H2T 1R2
Partenariat Level: Silver



Phone: 06 52 89 87 67
Mail: contact@synairgis.com
Website: https://www.synairgis.com
Adress: 672 Rue du Mas de Verchant, 34170 Montpellier
Partenariat Level: Silver

SILVER Partner- Cailloux-sur-Fontaines (France)

POP-IT is an IT services and consulting company, specialized in the industrialization of open source technologies.
We provide a wide range open source technologies to fit our customers’ needs and expectations. For that, we select solutions that have reached a complete maturity and can be used in a production environment. POP-IT offer services for small and large businesses, with the same professionalism and the same goal for all.

Infos and contact

Phone: 04 28 29 50 01
Mail: contact@pop-it.fr
Website: http://www.pop-it.fr/
Adress: 470 Route du Tilleul, 69270 Cailloux-sur-Fontaines, France
Partenarship Level: Silver

SILVER Partner - Grenoble (France)

Founded in 2003, the Scop Probesys is a company that looks like the new technologies industry: “modern, agile and cooperative!”
We are specially experts in implementing and using the GLPi solution. As a matter of fact, we actively contribute to the development of GLPi software by creating new features.

Infos and contact

Phone: +33 9 74 76 47 86
Mail: contact@probesys.com
Website: http://www.probesys.com/
Adress: 9 Rue de Chamrousse, 38100 Grenoble
Partnership Level: Silver

SILVER Partner - Toulouse (France)

Human’s Connexion is a company specialized in digital engineering. It is structured around three complementary areas: Internet, IT and mobility.
The company creates and develops innovative digital solutions, in particular through its expertise on GLPi and its integration in numerous clients’ organizations.

Infos and contact

Phone: +33 5 34 26 02 46
Mail: contact@humansconnexion.com
Website: http://www.humansconnexion.com/
Adress: 1 Chemin Virebent, 31200 Toulouse
Partnership Level: Partenaires Silver

SILVER Partner - Chili

ACT S.A., is a commercial and integrating company of technological products and services.

With more than 27 years in the Chilean market, we are committed to manage and improve the performance of our clients’ technological assets; with the support of our partners and highly qualified personnel.

Infos and contact

Phone:  800800310 
Mail: mda@actsa.net
Website: http://www.act.cl/ 
Adress: San Pio X 2460, Oficina 506, Providencia, Santiago de Chile

Partnership Level: Silver

SILVER Partner - USA

Altnix offers open source consulting, implementation, maintenance and 24×7 support services on several open source monitoring and ITSM products. Altnix provides managed services for IT infrastructure, remote management, monitoring, remote monitoring of IT infrastructure, ITIL based ITSM deployment and replacing proprietary software with open source products.

As part of the Teclib’ Partners, you can contact Altnix for our services around GLPI Community and Network Edition.

Infos and contact

Phone: +1 800 913 5553
Mail: sales@altnix.com
Website:  www.altnix.com
Adress: 34301 Parker Ct, Fremont, CA 94555, USA
Partnership Level: Silver

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