How to contribute to GLPI ?

You can contribute by many ways to GLPI, you doesn’t need special competences : just the wish to participate to the upgrade of GLPI.

Install and use GLPI : This seems evident but using and installing GLPI is an important contribution for GLPI developers.

Test GLPI : With bug reports you can submit, we can make of GLPI a reliable software. Submit a bug

Submit upgrades : Puting in adequation the needs of the users is one of our objectives. So we can’t integrate all the propositions, just the propositions which give the most benefit to all will be integrated.

Participate to the documentation : GLPI needs documentation. Installation, using, tips... Please use the wiki.

Help for translation : GLPI is translate in a lot of languages and the work is important. PLease join the team translators.

Support the GLPI development :

A lot of projects are waiting for your support, you can support them by developing them yourself or by mandating to do it. (see Developement )

Projects (non-exhaustive list) :

- Extra device module.
- Accountant module
- User Documentation
- Automatic fleet detection module


Support the team and the developing structure of GLPI

Translation by Simon Depiets

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