8 November 2011

GLPI 0.83 Beta-Test : new Bug hunter contest

We enter in the beta-test period of the 0.83 version of GLPI. This new version includes new features: managing of tickets templates, management of problems, recurrent tickets, new workflow for the knowledge base and the reminders... For more details see the detailed change log.

On this occasion, we invite you to install and thoroughly test the beta version of GLPI 0.83 in participating in the Game "bug hunter".

Each bug report validated by the development team gives you a chance to win a mysterious gift. Everyone has a chance!

Bug reports should be done only in the beta section of the forum.

To find out what is involved in beta testing, please read the guide here.

You can download the beta generated every night here.

We remind you that this version is not a stable release and should not be used in production.

The lucky winners will be drawn at the end of the period of beta testing scheduled for December. This deadline may be postponed if necessary.

Thank you for your cooperation and good hunting!

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