21 December 2007

GLPI 0.70 available

The official GLPI 0.70 tarball is now available from download

Here a nonexhaustive list of the new functionnalities offered by this version:

- New navigation system
- Opening tickets by email (possiblity to use various mailbox).
- Management multi-entities (possiblity to manage independent entities with one GLPI )
- System of transfer (allowing to pass easily from a management mono-entity to a management multi-entities)
- Management of multiple sources of authentifications (N LDAP or AD)
- Management of multiple OCS servers
- Improvement of the system of importation OCS
- Management of business rules (application of actions according to rules’ defined in the opening of ticket, the importation of machines inventoried by OCS...)
- Cache system to improve the performances
- Improvement of support UTF8

See changelog for more details

We invite you to support the GLPI project

And to contribute to the project

Many thanks to contributors, translators and beta-testers.

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