27 July 2016


Dear Users,

Due to a few regressions in previous release (0.90.4), we decided to push early a new one (0.90.5): Please find below the most important changes of this minor version:

- Bookmarks can be saved again.
- Failure to associate a document to an asset has been fixed.
- Fix MySQL crashed tables detection.
- Fix CAS check in status.php page for monitoring tool
- No more empty supplier added during ticket creation.

See the changelog for complete list. You can dowload the 0.90.5 archive on github .

Moreover, we also released a new version for the release candidate of the 9.1. Here is a non exhaustive list of changes:

- Locales updated from transifex service.
- Fix focus in modal windows of richtext inputs.
- A fallback to English for tinymce when a translation doesn’t exist for current language.
- The size of computer’s volumes will now be displayed most of the time using Gb and Tb units.

You can download it on github .

We’d like to thank all people who contributed to this new version and all those who contribute regularly to the GLPI project.

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