20 July 2017


Due to the presence of several major regressions on the last week release, we publish a new 9.1.6 version.

You can download the 9.1.6 archive on github.

This version also contains security fixes and we strongly advise to upgrade your instance.

You’ll find below the changes of this bugfixes version:

- various security fixes (#2475, #2476, #2492),
- fix regressions on self service portal:

  • self-service users should not be auto assigned as tech (#2472)
  • type and category fields was not selectable anymore (#2473)

The full changelog is available here for more details.

With the help from the community, we’re working hard on implementing unit tests, to prevent this kind of regression to appear. It’s going to take some time, but we’re strongly commited to improve the quality of GLPI.


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