Web Server Prerequisites

Characteristics of the web server needed to run GLPI.

Web Server

GLPI requires a web server supports PHP, such as :


GLPI requires PHP version 5.3 or above (http://www.php.net).

Required PHP extensions

The following PHP extensions are necessary for the proper functioning of the application :

PHP extensions optional but recommended

The following extensions are required for optional features of the application :

PHP Configuration

The php configuration file (php.ini) should be amended to contain the following variables :

memory_limit = 64M ; // Minimum Value
file_uploads = on ;
max_execution_time = 600 ; // Optional but not mandatory
register_globals = off ;  // Optional but not mandatory
magic_quotes_sybase = off ;
session.auto_start = off ;
session.use_trans_sid = 0 ; // Optional but not mandatory