Cette version est compatible avec GLPI 10.0.10 ou version ultérieure.

⚠️ Le plugin vous permet d’utiliser GLPI 10.0.6 ou une version antérieure, mais il existe des incompatibilités connues, notamment des erreurs fatales (dues à certaines corrections de bugs/améliorations). Si vous utilisez une version de maintenance obsolète, mettez-la d’abord à jour !

Bug Fixes

  • restoring ticket may create inconsistency in DB (3cf3e4ebd)
  • abstractitiltarget: itil category from template shall not take precedence (8f8d9a7c4)
  • category: translation feature of dropdowns not handled (6287f1b34)
  • dropdownfield: display of username (af43a9cf1)
  • form: better theme compatibility, UI enhancement (9146ea57a)
  • form: import access restrictions may ignore uuids (9d23d4c1e)
  • formanswer: redirect after submit may lead to unavailable page (599451af4)
  • formanswer: requester can edit refused answer (c4f799b2c)
  • formanswer: show spinner when validate (c59dc72ac)
  • formanswer: status update on ticket change (079a12063)
  • glpiselectfield: disable anonymization of user for answer resolution (66bea30e0)
  • glpiselectfield,dropdownfield: prevent php warning (4da93e38e)
  • install: ineffective data fix un upgrade to 2.13.7 (c31134c35)
  • issue: SQL scaping problem when updating a ticket (56ddff261)
  • issue: bad status if ticket has valdiation on creation (fc0ea0a00)
  • locales: resolve locales management warnings (d5db37452)
  • radiosfield,checkboxesfield,glpiselectfield,requesttypefield,urgencyfield: validate default value before saving (4815abeda)
  • requesttype: force english for comparisons (7b9e94114)
  • selectfield: translation breaks validation checks (28b4781d8)
  • target_actor: actors ID not converted when duplicating a form (c5167c16c)
  • textareadield: missing translation for default value (bda43df77)


  • DropdownField: Load translation for plugin too (16a1379a8)
  • DropdownField: Load translation for plugin too (6af1766d1)
  • formanswer: log any failure when saving a answer (5d84054af)
  • formanswer: show item’s name in web page title (c7e81cb9d)
  • glpiselectfield: attach existing documents to targets (63999d068)

Retrouvez les changements complets ici, et téléchargez !