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We offer GLPI professional services through our official integrator partners.

Our official partners are able to support you with your GLPI project, from deployment of the solution to its configuration, you are in good hands. Our partners only work under professional GLPI Network subscription (on premise or cloud).

Please note that the service is only available to customers with a GLPI Network or GLPI Network Cloud subscription. All partner services are available for an extra fee.

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Platinum partners in France

Discover our Platinum partners.


Eoris is a French company located in Lyon and founded by 3 friends. Our goal is to support companies and public organizations in the management of their Information System. The main idea is to offer advice, service and a new approach in the computing world. Our background had led us to found Eoris. We have focused our researches and developments around the Open Source, convinced that today‘s these type of tools offer more than an alternative to proprietary software.

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ITSM Factory

ITSM Factory supports you in your process of continuous improvement of the quality of your services while respecting your business and regulatory constraints. Our Experts master the standards of good practice such as ITIL and the standards applicable to IT (ISO 20000, 27001, etc.). They will give you the keys to simplify the daily management of your IT services. Our GLPI Consultants support you at each stage of your project; from auditing to training your users while going through integration and specific development.

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GLPI Expert Company since 2006, Infotel has a savoir-faire on all phases of a project.
We provide IT system audits, consulting and expertise, setup and integration of software and solutions. Infotel also offers specific plugin development, training and technical support.

“Infotel’s passion for IT as well as its knowledge of web, desktop and mobile technologies is something we want to share with you.”

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Gold partners in France

Discover our Gold partners.

Axess OnLine

With more than 600 customers, Axess OnLine is the leading integrator of OpenSource solutions for collaboration and dematerialization.

To enjoy the benefits of GLPI and Fusion Inventory software with complete peace of mind, Axess OnLine offers a wide range of integration and support services for administrators and / or developers.

The integration service combines functional, technical and development skills – Consulting and implementation of technical architecture, installation, deployment, data recovery, integration.

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IT governance

IT Gouvernance is an IT Services and Consulting company, specialized in governance and organization of Information System.
We help our customers on four domains:

  • ITSM Services Management
  • Strategic IT Alignment (projects’ portfolio, projects management)
  • IT Security Management (risks analysis, PSSI, charters, …)
  • IT Management of Services Outsourcing

We have a strong added value on consulting, setting up and best practices to use the solution GLPi.

“For a trusted information system in your business infrastructure”

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The POLE ITSM SCC is a national ITSM service center of the SCC company which supports you in setting up, advising and optimizing the management of your tickets and your computer equipment.

We build your GLPI with you:

  • The design and implementation of the most common processes (Incidents, Requests, Changes, Problems, etc.)
  • Management reporting
  • Fleet management configuration
  • Training your users to work with GLPI
  • Harmonization of your service catalog and display in the user portal
  • Audit of the maturity of your processes and continuous improvement

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Gold partners in Germany/Italy

Würth Phoenix

Würth Phoenix is an IT company belonging to the international Würth Group, world market leader in the trade of assembly and fastening materials, offering business solution for Business Intelligence, ERP, CRM, IT System & Service Management and Cyber Security with focus on the DACH area and Italy. Supporting and inspiring customers with quality and innovation has always been one of the main purposes of our work.

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Gold partners in Italy


Initiativa is an Italian company providing system integration and software development services.

We do offer a mix of strong skills on enterprise platforms and technologies and a business-oriented approach so to support our clients letting them remaining focused on their business.

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Gold partners in Slovakia


OMNICOM provides professional service in the field of educating and consulting, with the use of world-recognised methods, standards, and best practices.
Our scope of services is based on holistic approach covering Governance, Processes, Tools and People. Through combination of expertise in areas like ITSM, DevOps, Agile, Lean, Digital transformation and open source tools, we are delivering high value services to our customers.

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Gold partners in Spain


TICGAL is a company built around GLPI. In our short history, we have helped more than 200 clients set up the standard solution or reshape GLPI to fit their needs by integrating standard and custom-tailored solutions.
Beyond the ITSM & ITAM native GLPI capabilities, TICGAL has transformed it into a CMMS or an ESM. We also edit a successful multiplatform mobile solution with geolocation capabilities.

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Inforges is a technology company that has been sharing projects with SMEs and large organizations for over 35 years. Our projects are global because we know that companies need global solutions. Thus, Inforges does not limit its scope of actions to designing excellent technological solutions, we also offer Organization Consulting, Human Resources Development and Training. We are a standardized group that holistically supports organizations in any of their needs.

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Silver partners in France

Data Expertise (Groupe Human’s connexion)

Data Expertise is an independent integrator able to design and architect your IT infrastructure.
We offer hybrid technology solutions both licensed and Open Source, in order to design more flexible, efficient, controlled and secure IT structures.
We are providing GLPI support and consulting to a large number of companies and communities in the south west of France.

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Synairgis is a consulting company based in Quebec (Canada) and France, offering solutions for transformation and eco-responsible transition. We operate from our offices located in Montreal (Quebec), Montpellier and Toulouse (France). We are specialists in implementing GLPI to support your IT and business service management practices. We carry out projects in North America, France and more generally internationally. We rely on best practice frameworks including ITIl, ITAMOrg and ISO. We are also specialized in the digital responsibility of organizations.

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Procsi is an Information System Integrator and Operator. It is a small, strong structure started by a group of experienced professionals, with references from small to large companies, operating in fields:

AUDIT & CONSULTING: IS strategy, security, project management, ITSM;
IT MANAGEMENT: management of computers, servers, networks, telephony;
INTEGRATION: business software, ITIL tools, processes;
TELEPHONY: network infrastructure, VoIP network security, SBC.

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Tibco and the Tib’s intervene on the digital systems of companies. We ensure prevention, maintenance and evolution. Our mission: to take care of users and network infrastructures.
Sustainability, Performance and Pleasure: our three fundamental values.

We take care of the infrastructures of companies and assist their users from well-established processes in project management and IT professions.

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PBS Co is a company specializing in:

The supply and installation of user, network and security computer equipment.
Maintenance and supervision of IT assets
Network architecture and advice
The integration of software solutions in a client-server environment.

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BLConseils has been providing outsourced IT services for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Nouvelle Aquitaine since 2004. In compliance with GDPR regulations, BLConseils offers services based on GLPI with 17 years of experience and deployment. A pioneer in the use and commercialization of GLPI, BLConseils continues to innovate through GLPI in eco-friendly computing.

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Solfi Groupe

Solfi has always prioritized understanding its clients’ business and unique needs. This strength allows Solfi to fully commit to consulting and the complete execution of their projects, forming a partnership based on support and trust.

The group relies on the expertise of consultants specialized in IT management. These consultants adapt to the challenges, problems, and specific needs of each client to better assist them through the various phases of their projects, from project management to validation.

With a comprehensive solutions approach, Solfi handles IT needs related to development, integration, and maintenance of IT systems while maintaining each client’s uniqueness.

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ITSR Informatique

ITSR INFORMATIQUE supports businesses in evolving and managing their IT systems, adapting them to new uses and organizational and quality challenges. Specializing in IT as both an integrator and service provider, we bring over 20 years of experience and expertise to help you successfully complete your projects. Our services include IT resource management using GLPI and IT systems monitoring with Open Source software.

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Silver partners in Germany


For more than 20 years, the name SBE has stood for innovative and practical solutions in the education sector. We offer schools and school athorities optimal complete IT solutions. This includes consultion, planning and realisation of networks, the delivery of hardware and software, as well as the installation of servers, clients and networks. We and our LogoDIDACT partners also offer comprehensive service and support via teleservice or on-site, as well as training, wifi infrastructure and network measurements.

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Liop license optimisation GmbH is a full service provider for all topics related to software and its licensing. We can optimally support you in your business processes through our business areas of licence optimisation, software procurement and sale, consulting and the liop® Academy.

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Silver partners in Greece

Digital Systems and Services Hellas

Digital Systems and Services Hellas is a leading technology services company operating in Eastern Europe, that provides consulting, integration and support services to businesses and organizations, always focusing on the digital domain. From infrastructure work and specialized systems to vertical projects, we deliver complete solutions and support your work. Using the latest technologies and industry best practices to deliver innovative and effective solutions, we help our clients stay competitive in today’s digital landscape.

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Silver partners in Luxembourg

Arηs Cube

Arηs Cube delivers high quality IT services covering Enterprise Content Management Systems, Mobile Application development and IT Infrastructure. Our principle services are based on the three major ICT supports of a modern enterprise in Luxembourg.

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Silver partners in Monaco


As a Digital Services Company (ESN), Inforca confirms its know-how with large companies by developing large-scale projects. From strategy definition to operational project implementation, Inforca teams address the entire value chain.

The strength of Inforca lies in the technical and functional skills of our employees. Engineers by training, they are able to set up digital tools that meet the needs of our customers. The rarity of its profiles is one of Inforca’s main added values ​​in terms of service to its customers.

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Silver partners in Netherlands

Digital Systems and Services Netherlands

Digital Systems and Services Netherlands is a leading technology company operating in Northern Europe, that provides consulting, integration and support services to businesses and organizations, always focusing on the digital domain. From infrastructure work and specialized systems to vertical projects, we deliver complete solutions and support your work. Using the latest technologies and industry best practices to deliver innovative and effective solutions, we help our clients stay competitive in today’s digital landscape.

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Silver partners in Poland


Hatomi specializes in providing IT solutions tailored to the client’s needs. We use proprietary,
opensource as well as commercial software. Our clients are large organizations both in Poland and
We implement projects based on three key teams:
• Software House
• DevOps

This allows the solution to be adjusted to the individual needs of the client. Even in the case of
commercial products, we are able to expand their functionalities, thanks to experienced
programmers who gained knowledge in the field of OSS systems and network technologies as part of
the projects implemented by Hatomi. Our experts have years of experience in designing,
implementing, operating and servicing ICT systems in Poland and abroad, confirmed by numerous
technological certificates.

Among many solutions, Hatomi offers:
• Monitoring of infrastructure and services
• Availability and performance monitoring of applications and databases
• HelpDesk, CMDB, IT Service Desk / Management systems
• SIEM solutions
• High availability clusters
• Implementation of solutions with a strong recommendation for Open Source software
• Support for implemented solutions also in the 24×7 mode

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Since 1998 we offer our customers fully professional and complex IT assistance. Our motto – integrity and commitment – guides our every action. We strive to meet all our clients needs by providing holistic IT support. We provide our services for over 200 companies in central and southern Poland.
We provide full support in the areas of assortment, configuration and servicing of hardware and software, from one-off ad-hoc emergency help to ongoing cooperation, including resolving your employees day-to-day IT problems.
Our offer has been successfully addressed to companies and institutions as well as private individuals who have been entrusting us with service support for their IT systems, computer networks, computers and peripheral equipment. We provide full support in the proper selection of hardware, configuration and servicing of all equipment and software. We provide wide range of desktops and laptops, printers, scanners and other peripherals as well as all necessary consumables. We conduct employee training and support in the use of hardware and wide range of software including server systems (Windows, Linux), ERP and sales systems (SAGE, Insert, Comarch, InSoft), backup systems (VEEAM, Ferro). We advise on how to safely use the benefits of the Internet and information technologies, we provide antivirus software, configure firewalls, we help securely obtain remote access to company resources using secure encrypted communication channels.

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Hawatel, a company with a deeply rooted passion for technology, has been providing innovative solutions in IT infrastructure, programming, and consulting services for years. Specializing in comprehensive IT services, our team of experts is engaged in developing and implementing bespoke and efficient technological solutions to assist clients in achieving their business objectives. With knowledge and experience in IT Service Management (ITSM), we also offer support in the realm of best practices and provide solutions that help organizations optimize their IT service management processes. Hawatel continuously merges tradition with innovation, delivering not only proven but also avant-garde solutions. We take pride in our ability to understand and anticipate the evolving needs of the market, enabling us to deliver the right solutions on time. Our goal is not only to meet but to exceed customer expectations by providing top-tier products and services, as well as actively participating in collectively shaping the future of information technology. 

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Silver partners in Portugal


Securnet is a company specialized in advanced consulting, integration and maintenance services! It is the most critical phase of any solution. Where customer requirements are analyzed and the strategy that best adapts is validated.
Securnet includes a team with extensive experience in planning and designing IT solutions.
Discover all our services.

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Silver partners in Slovakia


QPP is a well-established service-oriented company that focuses on activities related to quality assurance, including testing as a service and providing consulting services, in-house development, and implementation of software solutions, offering IT technology services since 2008. Our mission is to help organizations improve the efficiency and quality of their IT services by implementing new processes and systems and continuous improvement of existing ones.

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Silver partners in Spain


ABAST is an IT solutions integrator with nearly 40 years of experience in the industry, boasting a team of 425 professionals across its offices in Barcelona, Madrid, and Palma. Its range of services and solutions addresses the technological needs of organizations through various areas of specialization: Business Solutions, Platform Services, Data Services, and Governance & Security Services.

Within its Governance & Security Services branch, ABAST has a specialized business unit focused on IT Management and Governance that implements solutions to assist IT departments in service management (ITSM), operation automation, and comprehensive observability and monitoring of IT infrastructures and services.

For over 20 years, ABAST has been designing, implementing, and evolving market-leading solutions for IT service management. Leveraging this experience and our high level of expertise, we can assist IT departments in implementing and deploying the most suitable solution for their service management needs.

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Famytec Solutions

Famytec Solutions is a company specialized in the implementation of IT platforms. It provides services for ITSM, Discovery tools, Automation and Planning solutions, Infrastructure Monitoring, and advanced Reporting on IT systems.

It collaborates with most platform manufacturers in the market and boasts a team of consultants with high expertise. The solutions and services cater to both companies in their early stages of digitization and those with a high maturity level in their technological processes.

The Famytec Solutions team supports companies in both the decision-making process regarding platforms and the design of processes on them. It aids in their implementation and integration with the various systems within the company.

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Técnicas Competitivas S.A

Técnicas Competitivas S.A. is a Spanish company based in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands. It specializes in the provision of services and product development in the field of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT), with various sectors such as private companies, public administrations, healthcare, the port sector and telecommunications. Técnicas Competitivas S.A. offers a wide range of services, including consulting, software development, infrastructure or training.

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Silver partners in Romania

European Business Machines SRL

The services offered by EBM SRL include:

  • Hardware and software implementation
  • Communication solutions
  • Network design and implementation
  • Licensing solutions
  • Security solutions
  • IT maintenance services (both remote and on-site)
  • IT consulting services

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Silver partners in Croatia


KING ICT is a system integrator specializing in advanced ICT solutions that positively influence business and society. We facilitate operations and create added value for our clients, driven by the desire to jointly build a connected and digital future.

We are aware that our greatest capital is our staff, and we know that it is important that our employees remain motivated and have the opportunity for intellectual growth and advancement. Customer satisfaction is one of our main priorities.

We believe that successful development lies in the individual approach we take to each project, whether it is a highly specialized project or a solution widely used in daily life. Our clients come from different branches, such as transport, energy, agriculture, health care, education, judiciary, trade, finance, and telecommunications.

Based on new technologies, the cloud and mobile first principle, we create innovative enterprise solutions. We develop and implement solutions such as ERP, MS and employee efficiency management products such as HRplus. We build data centers, optimize IT infrastructure, introduce security solutions and develop new ways to manage information. This had led to the creation of products such as the BI business reporting system and GIS solutions for the exchange of spatial information.

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Silver partners in United Kingdom

Moon ICT Consultancy

Moon ICT Consultancy  

Moon ICT Consultancy offers digital transformation consulting services within its corporate responsibility, unleashing the power of information and technologies in the UK.

We offer comprehensive solutions in a wide range of technological areas. ITSM process modeling and improvement services that are ITIL compliant and aligned with CobIT, GLPI implementation and support, software development and critical systems management services.

We are firm believers in the fact that our vision and commitment offering the global market valuable solutions for the growing demand for technical services.

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Silver partners in Turkey

Ay Bilisim Danismanlik

Ay Bilisim Danismanlik

Ay Bilisim Danismanlik offers digital transformation consulting services in Turkey.
We provide ITSM process modelling and improvement services which are ITIL compliant and aligned with CobIT, implementation and support of GLPI, software development and critical systems management services.

Our primary goal is to help our customers to achieve their business goals more effectively and easily.


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Silver partners in Argentina

Open S.A.

Open S.A. is a company with more than 20 years in the IT field, dedicated to generating value to its customers through its services such as: server administration, hosting, helpdesk, virtualization, technical service.

It also offers management services through tools such as GLPI, being able to adapt it to the needs of its customers.

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Silver partners in Mexico


We focus on the Management of Technology Services, as well as the optimization of their delivery, operation and costs, providing tangible results that allow the IT area to be gradually seen as a Strategic Asset.
We consolidate an agile offer that provides short-term results, delivering valuable information for timely decision-making, in addition to simplifying and improving the IT operation, exploiting different tools in models: On-premise, Cloud and Hybrids.

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C&A Systems

We are an innovative, avant-garde and proudly Mexican company, innovative and avant-garde in the IT sector and digital development. We are characterized by having extensive experience in the development of technological services for the public and private market, backed by more than 17 years of experience and international quality standards such as ISO 27001 and ISO 20000.

We firmly believe in technological evolution, we are a company committed to offering high-quality solutions for any market need.

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Global Soft

Company was created in 2007 in the city of Tabasco, the first mission was to manage the HR system for the oil industry. Nowadays Global Soft After renewed the mission, business strategy and image, acquiring new knowledge. Global Soft has consolidated itself as a custom software development company, based on free software solutions which currently supports clients with more than 300 development projects, apps and consulting.

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We are a team of visionary business professionals with over 15 years of specialized experience in integrating innovative solutions that deliver exceptional value to our customers and business partners. Our commitment is to carry out our mission and vision, grounded in strong values, through cutting-edge Information Technology.

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Innovación Móvil

Company founded in April 2016, Innovación Movil en Tecnologías de la Información SA de CV, has managed to generate an offer of business services and solutions with a single focus: Solve the needs for the transformation of companies by integrating technologies. It has a extensive inventory of business partners in various key sectors and diverse business models, which is why it can address problems from MSME companies to large corporations, business groups and government organizations thanks to the fact that it has professionals with extensive experience in key areas such as:

  • Business process consulting,
  • Information Security and Cybersecurity.
  • Automation and control systems.
  • Technical assistance, support and technological maintenance.
  • Implementation of highly complex solutions.
  • Design and architecture of enterprise technological solutions.
  • Web/mobile application development factory.
  • On-premise infrastructure services / Cloud of computing, data and communications units.

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Silver partners in Peru


We are a company specialized in information technology information, composed of experienced professionals and highly trained. We have strategic alliances that complement our services and aligned to the good practices, we ensure an agile and efficient service, oriented always to the client with a high level of quality and cordiality.

Generate efficiencies through services and solutions comprehensive seeking to create and strengthen relationships solid and lasting business that will allow the mutual business development as well as growth professional and personal of our people.

To be one of the best service companies and comprehensive solutions, recognized in the market region for its Integrity, Communication, Responsibility and Continuous Improvement backed by a qualified, motivated and committed human team.

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Silver partners in Venezuela

INTEGRITY is an agile company focused on managed services and open-source solutions, founded in 2003, with operations in Ecuador since 2019 and in the process of expanding our market, developing projects with business allies in the continent, currently in Mexico and the United States. Aware that technology is rapidly evolving and becoming more complex every day, we strive to simplify it for easy adoption and use by all our clients, regardless of their size. With a consultative sales strategy, we establish a long-term relationship with our client portfolio, taking care of them and guaranteeing cost-effective solutions that add value to their businesses, valuing their time, money, and resources in an environment of respect and confidentiality.
Our portfolio includes:
1. Unified Communications focused on Call Centers integrated with external systems such as CRM, in the cloud or local implementation, as well as Enterprise IP Telephony based on Asterisk and other proprietary solutions such as NICE CXone.
2. Enterprise Technology Platforms are primarily based on open-source code, which offer to maximize investment in technology tools while reducing operational risk. GLPI stands out for Process Management not only for IT but for all purposes, among other open-source solutions for network monitoring, routing, and firewall.
3. Field Service Management. We developed our own Android application integrated with GLPI that provides mobility to field agents for service companies, with functionalities such as geolocation, workflow, tasks, and integration with external systems via Web Services.
4. With our extensive experience in Call Centers, we incorporate digital channel solutions to meet omnichannel customer engagement needs.
Our goal is to accelerate the digital transformation of companies through our Consultancy services, with methodologies and best IT practices that we apply in our Managed Support and Services to fully or partially manage their IT infrastructure to ensure availability and increase their operational efficiency, accompanied by our Training Services.

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Silver partners in Paraguay

Bypar S.A

Founded in 2017, Bypar S.A has quickly carved out its place in the business solutions space. Its competence covers various areas and has highly experienced professionals in the areas of consulting, technical assistance, computer maintenance, implementation of systems and equipment, as well as development of web/Android applications and Internet services. Welcome Bypar!

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Silver partners in Colombia


Imagunet is a leading Systems Integrator and IoT Solutions Provider based in Colombia with presence in all Latin America. Our Company is primarily focused on business transformation by using the latest open technology solutions in realistic deployment models with real end-user value.
Imagunet helps customers automate, simplify and improve their IT infrastructure and services operation on both physical and logical fronts in all types of environments and industries. Our Solutions Portfolio includes: Monitoring, Inventory, Automation, Service Management and Logistics.

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Systesol SAS

SYSTESOL – SYSTEMS & TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS SAS, is a company that integrates technological services and solutions; We offer solutions that adapt to the needs of our clients. Supply, administration and configuration of technological infrastructure.

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Initially created five years ago under the name GLPICOLOMBIA SAS, our company LIBRESOFTSOLUTIONS SAS is driven by a passion for technology and a firm commitment to the principles of free software. Their team is made up of highly skilled IT and security professionals dedicated to advancing the cause of Open Source software. They firmly believe that free software is fundamental to fostering a more open, collaborative and secure world. Their mission is to support and streamline the adoption of Open Source software solutions.

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Silver partners in Costa Rica


We are specialists in Linux systems and open source projects, contributing to the growth of our clients like our philosophy. We provide support in preventive management, consulting and infrastructure scaling.

We approach the business opportunities offered by new computing technologies. We are a Costa Rican company with more than 14 years of experience in the market, we specialize in OpenSource technologies for the implementation of network, security, Internet and CRM solutions.

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Silver partners in Chile


ACT S.A., is a commercial and integrating company of technological products and services.
With more than 27 years in the Chilean market, we are committed to manage and improve the performance of our clients’ technological assets; with the support of our partners and highly qualified personnel.

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Silver partners in Brazil


i9aTech Tecnologia e Comunicação is an intelligent management consulting company, specialized in information and communication technology, at strategic, tactical and operational levels.

It was born in 2017, under a marketing need that excels in simplicity, innovation, low cost and a more personalized relationship with the customer.

Attentive to the demands of small, medium and large private companies and with the performance of highly qualified employees, i9aTech helps its clients to reach advanced levels of organization and planning with a proactive concept.

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VoxData Technology

Voxdata offers its own or integrated solutions and services for its customers’ digital transformation journey.
We offer comprehensive solutions in a wide range of market verticals.
We offer ITSM process modeling and improvement services, using the GLPI tool for implementation and support. Our Software Factory is CMMI and MPS.BR certified, guaranteeing quality and efficiency in our solutions.

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An innovative company in the use of technologies for data analysis, artificial intelligence and business intelligence.

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TIQUI Soluções em Tecnologia

Tiqui stands out as a company specialized in technology, consolidating more than a decade of expertise in integrating innovative solutions across various business segments. As experts in ITSM, we employ GLPI, an advanced and efficient tool, to go beyond process improvement.

Our work with GLPI allows us to optimize productivity and foster a culture of efficiency across sectors, transforming the way companies manage their IT services.

Through this expertise, Tiqui offers not only an improvement in IT operations, but also a true evolution in organizational culture, ensuring that our customers are always ahead in their respective markets.

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Silver partners in USA


Altnix offers open source consulting, implementation, maintenance and 24×7 support services on several open source monitoring and ITSM products. Altnix provides managed services for IT infrastructure, remote management, monitoring, remote monitoring of IT infrastructure, ITIL based ITSM deployment and replacing proprietary software with open source products.
Altnix are experts at Nagios monitoring tools, Open NMS monitoring tool, and Zabbix monitoring tool.

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Imagunet is a leading Systems Integrator and IoT Solutions Provider based in Colombia with presence in all Latin America. Our Company is primarily focused on business transformation by using the latest open technology solutions in realistic deployment models with real end-user value.
Imagunet helps customers automate, simplify and improve their IT infrastructure and services operation on both physical and logical fronts in all types of environments and industries. Our Solutions Portfolio includes: Monitoring, Inventory, Automation, Service Management and Logistics.

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Silver partners in Canada


Synairgis is a consulting company based in Quebec (Canada) and France, offering solutions for transformation and eco-responsible transition. We operate from our offices located in Montreal (Quebec), Montpellier and Toulouse (France). We are specialists in implementing GLPI to support your IT and business service management practices. We carry out projects in North America, France and more generally internationally. We rely on best practice frameworks including ITIl, ITAMOrg and ISO. We are also specialized in the digital responsibility of organizations.

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Tridacom IT Solutions is a national full-service information technology firm providing a full range of services to help businesses stay connected and up to date with the latest technology.

Tridacom’s aim is to build long-lasting partnerships with our clients by developing custom-tailored solutions to assist in discovering, documenting, securing and simplifying their IT assets and IT infrastructure.

Our various lines of business include: IT System Management (ITSM) Consulting and Deployment, IT Hardware and Software Procurement, IT Monitoring & Alerting, Phone Solutions, Managed Services, IT Network & Infrastructure Security, Cloud Solutions and Backup and Disaster Recovery planning.

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Silver partners in the Dominican Republic


HarPer, Srl: Is an IT company primarily engaged in providing cybersecurity technological solutions to our customers. These services involve support of businesses throughout their life cycles from installment of new infrastructure, development of new systems, secure their data or even their physical locations; also, provide guidance or recommendations for business continuity. 

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Silver partners in Burkina Faso


CVP is a Digital Services Company (ESN), offering for more than 18 years solutions related to business information systems (outsourcing, systems integration, systems and networks, IT audit).

As part of the partnership established with GLPI, our teams support you in the success of your project to set up a service management solution with GLPI. We are with you at all stages of the project: initiation, planning, execution, control and closure.

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Silver partners in Cameroon

AVS Telecom

Working on the extent of the Cameroonian national territory, AVS Telecom is a company specialized in the field of Information and Communication Technologies offering to all of its customers a wide range of ICT solutions including various services collaborative services such as IP telephony, videoconferencing, security services such as video surveillance, network security. AVS Telecom’s mission is to offer, to its SME/SMI customers, a wide range of innovative, reliable IT products and services and efficient with the aim of optimizing their performance at all levels.

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Silver partners in Côte d’Ivoire


Founded in 2012, on the initiative of young Ivorian entrepreneurs, VBEST TECHNOLOGIES is a company specializing in the expertise, design and integration of IT solutions and technologies based in Abidjan Côte d’Ivoire.
The VBEST team is essentially made up of certified and experienced engineers and technicians, trained to work on all the technologies offered, whether old or new, whose knowledge is regularly updated in order to provide customers with very high quality.
Today a benchmark company in the business of integrating ICT solutions in Côte d’Ivoire and in the West African sub-region, VBEST TECHNOLOGIES shares with its customers, partners and collaborators values that promote exchanges, allowing everyone to find its place and to express its full potential while striving to apply them in all of our relationships in order to
always place people at the heart of its project.

VBEST counts among its customers many national and international companies, particularly
in the banking, insurance, industry and public companies sectors.
Its activity is organized around five (5) main areas of expertise:
– Application engineering
– Information systems engineering
– Networks and security
– Training and advice
– Outsourcing

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Ostec is an Ivorian company located in Abidjan. As a leader in cybersecurity, digital infrastructure and managed services in the West African region, its aim is to provide a single source of technology, skills and expertise. Ostec is the assurance, for these clients, of deriving greater value from their technological investments.

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Silver partners in Mali


ADATECH Sarl is an IT company created in 2011 and specializes in computer security,
Electrical and Integrator of Management solution.
Strong expertise on:
The Sale of Computer and Network Equipment;
Finance and financial flows;
Trading (Purchase, Sale, Stock);
Payroll & HR

Our Trades and Skills:
Management information system
Reporting and decision-making
Consulting, Trades

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Silver partners in Morocco


Inovteam is an IT consulting firm, that structures its global offer around the poles of Governance & IT transformation, IT project management and solutions integration. We accompany and support our SME customers through all phases of their digital evolution:
– ERP business solutions – CRM – Dematerialization, EDM – Cloud, SaaS – Systems Integration, Outsourcing CMDB – IT Security – Network, Web and Mobile technologies

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Silver partners in Tunisia


ADACTIM is a Managed Services Operator specializing in the Cloud, application integration and outsourcing, ERP and BI, operating internationally via a presence in Europe, North Africa and Africa.

ADACTIM supports its clients in their business and technological transformation projects. We bring performance to our customers by optimizing and streamlining their processes for managing and operating their IS and IT infrastructure.

Through its Consulting offers and its expertise in Managed Services, ADACTIM provides its clients with high added value for the implementation of innovative solutions and the outsourcing of the operation of IS and Cloud infrastructures as well as ERP and BI platforms. .

ADACTIM is installed in France, Tunisia, Algeria, Dubai and Abidjan. ADACTIM has a Service Center based in the El Ghazela Technology Park in Tunis, a modern, secure center meeting international standards offering employees comfortable working conditions.

ADACTIM counts among its customers, several integrators and major European accounts, who trust it by entrusting it with the nearshore outsourcing of integration and outsourcing activities for their own customers.

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Silver partners in Malaysia


INTRA LOGYC SDN BHD is based in Malaysia and focuses on looking for enterprise-grade solutions. INTRA LOGYS helps organizations to cut down their initial IT investments by offering robust solutions. The accent is on products and solutions; apart from being proprietary to INTRA LOGYC, they are rapidly becoming transformation tools with some existing customers.

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Founded in 2013, Astiostech swiftly carved its place in the realm of enterprise solutions, accumulating a rich experience spanning over 15 years. Their proficiency encompasses diverse domains such as enterprise voice, monitoring, cybersecurity and IT asset management, all with a deliberate emphasis on open platforms and software – open-source and enterprise open-source software.

In providing a 360 degree ecosystem, their clients can rely on Astiostech for solution purchase, design, deployment, customization, training and importantly, reliable support.

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Silver partners in India

Lattice Networks

Mission : To enable growth in IT, and to provide open-source solutions that support communities across India.


Solutions : File / Mail / Backup server, Storage, Data security, IT Compliance, BCDR, Structured Networking, Wi-Fi, Surveillance, Access control Solutions.

Lattice Networks, founded in the year 2002, is the leading IT provider of complete IT solutions for all business requirements.
Lattice Networks is a leader in providing Enterprise IT Solutions with broad portfolio of Solution offerings catering to wide range of Customer Verticals for all business needs.

Lattice Networks with rich experience in IT technologies offers IT solutions in Infrastructure management, Network solutions, IT Compliance, Cloud Infrastructure, Data security, Firewall, Networking solutions.

In addition, we do provide customized scalable solution which enables the organization to enhance the existing IT Infrastructure improving the efficiency and ease of manageability.
Having provided customized solutions to more than 500+ companies, Lattice Networks provides specific solutions for SME’s, Manufacturing sector, Educational sector and Architecture and Construction industries, thereby helping them improve their efficiency in manageability, provide scalable automation solution, saving time and resource through IT solutions.

Lattice Networks, is your one stop IT solution partner

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Silver partners in French Polynesia


Healink is a trusted partner for managing your IT equipment. We specialize in providing IT solutions, including GLPI, the benchmark open source IT asset management tool. Thanks to our expertise, we provide services for IT outsourcing, monitoring and security, to help companies and communities of all sizes to effectively manage their IT assets. Contact us to find out how we can help you optimize your IT infrastructure

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Silver partners in New Caledonia


Healink is a trusted partner for managing your IT equipment in New Caledonia. We specialize in providing IT solutions, including GLPI, the benchmark open source IT asset management tool.

Thanks to our expertise, we provide services for IT outsourcing, monitoring and security, to help companies and communities of all sizes to effectively manage their IT assets.

Contact us to find out how we can help you optimize your IT infrastructure.

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Silver partners in New Zealand


BTIT is a boutique technology consultancy and managed services provider with a special focus on Open Source offerings.

Established in 2012, BTIT is based in Wellington New Zealand and services the Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) region.
BTIT sees GLPI as a strategic addition to their premium offerings to the local market. 

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