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Formcreator 2.13.1 – bugfixes

This version is compatible with GLPI 10.0. ⚠️ You must upgrade from a previous stable version. Upgrading from a development or testing version is not supported. Bug Fixes inverted existence test on ticket update (2acc5cd4)log more errors, and...

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New GLPI version 10.0.3

A new GLPI version is available.This release fixes several critical security issues that has been recently discovered. Update is strongly recommended! You can download the GLPI 10.0.3 archive on GitHub.Exceptionally, as we have critical security issues that affects...

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New silver partner : ANC Technology Services S.A (Amvix)

We are happy to announce our new silver partner in Costa Rica – ANC Technology Services S.A (Amvix).ANC Technology Services S.A (Amvix) is a company with more than 14 years of experience in the market. They are specialized in OpenSource technologies for the...

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Formcreator 2.13.0 – final release!

This version is compatible with GLPI 10 only. documentation review and updates Bug Fixes cannot delete a ticket from service catalog (acec9bb8)abstractitiltarget: alternative email lost if no requester user (78fd8450)abstracttarget: uuid should not be updated...

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New Silver Partner: KING ICT

We are happy to announce our new silver partner in Croatia – KING ICT.KING ICT is a system integrator specialized in advanced ICT solutions that positively influence business and society. Based on new technologies, the cloud and mobile first principle, they create...

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Discover new interface of GLPI 10!

In a few weeks we will launch the first beta version of GLPI 10.We are working on the last technical elements and preparing the release of compatible plugins on the Marketplace. One of the biggest news of this version is a major overhaul of the interface and the user...

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Discover native GLPI inventory

Very soon the new major version of GLPI will be released with many new features, including a major overhaul of the interface.Here is the quick look at automatic inventory features. GLPI Desktop / Server Agent Fork of the Perl FusionInventory agent, this new agent is...

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New Silver Partner: HATOMI

We are happy to announce our new silver partner in Poland – Hatomi.Hatomi specializes in providing IT solutions tailored to the client’s needs. We use proprietary, opensource as well as commercial software. Our clients are large organizations both in Poland and...

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GLPI Agent 1.4 has been released

GLPI Agent 1.4 has been released.You’re encouraged to upgrade your GLPI agents or migrate if you’re still using FusionInventory agents. You can download it on the GLPI Agent github project: Download This release includes few fixes and enhancements. The most important...

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