GLPI Network offers

What does GLPI Network offer include?

Editor´s guarantee

Support L.3

Exclusive plugins

(All under GPL license)

Access to partners-integrators

Try all features on GLPI Network Cloud

GLPI is an open source software distributed under the GNU General Public License, which does not provide editor´s guarantee for stable and secure workflow.


If you want to access professional support you must purchase GLPI Network Subscription (on-premises installation) or use GLPI Network Cloud. All services of L.1 and L.2 (configuration/installation/training/etc.) are provided by our official partners for extra fee.


Frequently asked questions: 

*Is this price with tax or without tax?

An additional 20% tax (VAT) will be applied for customers in France. For customers outside of France the price is final. 

What includes Community plugins?

We offer Support L.3 for the following Community plugins:

  • Dynamic Inventory (FusionInventory, only for GLPI 9.5). From GLPI v.10 we offer Native inventory.
  • Injection of CSV files (Datainjection)
  • Ticket escalation and HelpDesk enhancemenet (Escalade)
  • Track credit vouchers consumptions with the Ticket form (Credit)
  • PDF printing (PDF)
  • IT Orders management (Order)
  • Creation of new forms (Formcreator)
  • Uninstallation of hardware (Uninstall)
  • Displaying messages to users (News)
  • Creation and attachment of tags (Tags)
  • Interconnecting with the Metabase reporting tool (Metabase plugin)
  • This plugin allows displaying in the GLPI interface the general information of a machine that is also monitored in Centreon. (Centreon)

What means IT agent?

IT agent is a user with Standard interface

What means Support L.3?

Support L.3 means errors/bugs corrections. If you are interested in installation on-premises/deployment/trainings, – our official partners-integrators offer this service for extra fee. Contact us for more info.

What include GLPI Network plugins?

All these plugins are provided under GPL license with full respect of No Vendor Lock-In.

  • Configure GLPI Agent for Android via QR coder deeplink (plugin agentconfig)
  • Rename GLPI Strings (plugin renameGLPIstrings)
  • Auth connections to external identity providers : Google, Facebook, Github, Amazon, Azure Active Directory, Microsoft, Gitlab (plugin oauthsso)
  • Handling notifications through collaborative tools : Mattermost, Microsoft Teams, Rocket.Chat, Slack, Telegram (plugin collaborativetools)
  • Customization of the GLPI logo and colors (plugin branding)
  • Data anonymization in GLPI (anonymize plugin)
  • Automatic import of holidays and non-working day as calendar closed periods (plugin holiday, currently supports Yasumi library)
  • Split of the ticket’s categories list into several lists (plugin splitcat)
  • Tools to test your LDAP directories (plugin LDAP Tools)
  • Automatic actions to remove inactive users (plugin GDPR Tools)
  • This plugin let you provision your users and groups from an external identity provider (plugin SCIM)
  • Import and manage domains/records from and to PowerDNS by using GLPI interface. (plugin PowerDNS)
  • This plugin helps you to keep track of unread messages. (plugin Unread Messages)
  • This plugin adds the ability to translate ticket timeline items using the DeepL API. (plugin Translate)
  • This plugin adds the ability to summarize the timeline items of tickets using the Open AI API. (plugin GLPI-AI)

What include Standard plugins?

All these plugins are provided under GPL license with full respect of No Vendor Lock-In.

  • Refuse or approve a validation request, directly from the email received (plugin ApprovalByMail)
  • Query the GLPI database with SQL queries that you make yourself. Display the results in the GLPI dashboards (plugin AdvancedDashboard)
  • Create all types of objects you want (CMMS) (plugin Generic Object)
  • Add fields on GLPI objects (plugin Fields)

What include Advanced plugins?

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