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GLPI Servicedesk


New self-service portal
Virtual assistant bot
Native online Helpdesk chat
New FAQ / KB interface

GLPI Security


Vulnerability management
Integrate vulnerability scanners (, tsunamim etc.)
Matching CVE and inventory software
Event management

GLPI Productivity


Product documentation (user / admin)
Native studio editor (forms / fields / genericobject)
Business process management (BPMN)
Native data injection
Refresh of the GANTT view (project management)
GLPI wizard & in-app help/discovering tool (UX)
Native PDF exporter

GLPI Inventory                                    

Dynamic native inventory
Agentless remote inventory cross-platform
IP address management tool (IPAM)
Android & iOS mobile device management (native or connectors)
Manage enclosure in graphic mode
Managing connections to “PDUs”
Network link management (fibers, trunk, AS)
Asset reservation module redesign



Measurements: power consumption, load average, use profile, etc.
Statistics, diagnostics, taxonomies
Power consumption simulations
Policies and management: define office policy for power consumption

GLPI Framework


Separate view from logic (MVC)
Dependency Injection (DI)
Incoming and outgoing webhooks
Replace htmlawed
UI (headless) & javascript automated tests
Rights and modules management by system configuration file
GLPI source code integrity checker
One click auto-upgrade
Drop autoescaping in includes

GLPI Design


New user interface and user experience
Template engine (themes)
W3C WAI-ARIA compliance
Rules engine: review of operators and UX
Default dashboards with placeholder widgets (no empty data widgets)
List of shortcuts to pages (setup by user)
Mobile app

Configuration Management

Remote application deployment (Fusion deploy like)
Configuration deployment (Ansible like)
Compliance management / blockchain
Security policy deployment
Updates campaign / security patch

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