Esta versão é compatível com GLPI 10.0.

⚠️ Você deve atualizar de uma versão estável anterior. A atualização de uma versão de desenvolvimento ou teste não é suportada.

Correção de erros

  • inverted existence test on ticket update (2acc5cd4)
  • log more errors, and update obsolete error logging (ae28ed6d)
  • restore page redirections existing in v2.12 (582f926c)
  • update obsolete error logging (da8929e0)
  • abstractitiltarget: glpi 10.0.3 will require a data with a valid value (5f385bb8)
  • actorfield: default value not saved (c3baebbe)
  • actorfield: php warning (6d3e98d1)
  • checkboxesfield: replace div with p in checkbowes answers (9ef95343)
  • composite: php warning breaks JSON if a ticket is not generated (2108983c)
  • descriptionfield: bad form rendering (87a74058)
  • filefield: php error when switching field type to file (a03c7a0a)
  • form: javascript (f05bc697)
  • form: list on self service homepage (ba6d4a58)
  • form: undefined var (169d2c8e)
  • form: url to form answer lists may be invalid (6cd29e6d)
  • install: avoid alter table fail (4dadea8a)
  • install: missing method in upgrade to 2.13.1 (7e9cdcd5)
  • issue: issue not deleted when tichet goes to trash bin (c977b1ca)
  • issue: purge issue when deleting associated ticket (76444ecc)
  • issue: recreate when restore ticket (2656e284)
  • item_targetticket: uuid to ID conversion (e9f326c0)
  • section: name encoding in designer and rendered form» (491dcb69)
  • targetticket: bad constant name (48dda4f3)
  • targetticket: table structure inconsistency (ff56f3f1)
  • targetticket: table structure inconsistency (892a83c3)
  • targetticket,targetchange: tags from queestion or specific tags not saved (ec08d95e)


  • prepare compatibility with PHP 8.2 (#2966) (4bb7f3c3)
  • formanswer,issue: show title in navigation header (1878e4b0)
  • kb: preselect see all categorie (1b669d4f)

Ajuda / Contribuição necessária

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