I work in a company and I want to install GLPI on-premises.

Installation and configuration of GLPI on-premises is available through our partners. Please, check the list here: https://glpi-project.org/partners/ You can get in touch with the nearest partner in your city/country and discuss the installation with them directly.

I want to install GLPI by myself, but I need help.

If you want to install GLPI, you can read documentation here: GLPI installation manual. 

Another option is to use preconfigured GLPI Network Basic on AWS: GLPI Network Basic on AWS. 

Or GLPI Network: https://glpi-project.org/subscriptions/

Unfortunately, we do not provide consultations and formations regarding GLPI installation. Please, use one of our cloud options or contact our partners.

Where I can connect with another GLPI users?

We have several Telegram channels where GLPI users discuss, share and comment every day:






You can also use the community forum to find help, ask questions and make new connections: https://forum.glpi-project.org

I want to become GLPI partner.

We are happy that you consider to become a GLPI partner. We offer 3 levels of Partnership now, please contact us to find out the details: glpi@teclib.com

GLPI subscriptions: how does it work?

GLPI subscription is a package you get when you select subscription option. Each option has different services and plugins included.

You can use GLPI subscription as a cloud solution (in this case you will get the access to the preconfigured GLPI), or you can use it on-premises: each of plugins and features can de downloaded on your computer.

GLPI subscription is a great choice for GLPI users who wants to boost their GLPI experience.

What is GLPI on Amazon Web Services?

GLPI on Amazon Web Services is a GLPI in Basic package (see “Subscriptions” to check what is included). The biggest advantage of GLPI on AWS is that you can pay only when you actually using it (see pay-per-hour options).

Great deal: try it 5 days fo free to test and check if you like it.

I want to request a feature.

For feature requests, use the suggest dedicated site (https://suggest.glpi-project.org ) unless you are going to work on it yourself. We check it very often.

If you are willing to pay for feature development, please, contact us directly: glpi@teclib.com

I want to pay for feature/plugin development. Can you do it?

Yes, we can develop a feature/plugin under request. Please, contact us directly: glpi@teclib.com

How can I receive GLPI news?

You can subscribe to our email newsletter. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and LinkedIn to check all our news first.

I want to contribute GLPI.

Thank you for considering contributing GLPI. Please, check our Community section to find out how you can contribute our project.

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