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GLPI Agent 1.4 has been released

GLPI Agent 1.4 has been released.You’re encouraged to upgrade your GLPI agents or migrate if you’re still using FusionInventory agents. You can download it on the GLPI Agent github project: Download This release includes few fixes and enhancements. The most important...

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New GLPI version 10.0.2

A new GLPI version is available. This release fixes several critical security issues that has been recently discovered. Update is strongly recommended! You can download the GLPI 10.0.2 archive on GitHub.Exceptionally, as we have a critical...

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New Silver Partner: AVS Telecom

We are happy to announce our new silver partner in Cameroon – AVS Telecom.A.V.S Telecom SARL Telecom is a company specialized in the field of Information and Communication Technologies offering to all of its customers a wide range of ICT solutions including various...

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Internship in Teclib/INRIA

We are looking for a researcher interested in working on a PhD thesis in computer science that consist in studying fundamental and practical issues in designing a system that will match machines inside an IT system with vulnerabilities affecting software installed on...

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GLPI Agent 1.3 has been released

You’re encouraged to upgrade your GLPI agents or migrate if you’re still using FusionInventory agents.You can download it on the GLPI Agent github project:https://github.com/glpi-project/glpi-agent/releases/tag/1.3 This release includes some fixes and enhancements....

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Webinar: GLPI Native inventory

On June 22nd at 11.00 AM (Paris time) we are launching a webinar to talk about: Native inventoryNew types of inventoried objectsPartial inventoryThird-party connectorsTransition PluginAndroid agentNew GLPI agentPackagingInstallation scriptRemote inventoryHTTP...

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Formcreator 2.13.0-rc.1

This version is compatible with GLPI 10 only, and is a Release candidate version. Use it only for testing and bug report purpose.Starting from this version, tags format will change. Previous tags were prefixed with v. This prefix is dropped. See #2376 Upgrade from a...

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GLPI 10.0.1

Here is the first bugfixes release for GLPI 10.You can download the archive on GitHub. A lot of issues have been fixed since the first GLPI 10 version.Below you will find a short list of key points of this release: Several fixes on inventory rulesSeveral fixes for...

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New Platinum Partner: ITSM Factory

We are very proud to announce that our partner ITSM Factory has become Platinum! At Teclib we are looking forward to continue the collaboration on this new level. ITSM Factory supports customers in their process of continuous improvement of the quality of their...

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