The official GLPI 0.84 tarball is now available from download

Here a non exhaustive list of the new functionalities offered by this version:

– Inventory : Complete review of networking management,
– Inventory : Replacement of the “mode OCS” by a new plugin “OCS Inventory NG”*
– General : RSS feeds private and public,
– ServiceDesk : improvement of recurrent tickets and SLAs,
– General : gettext migration and use Transifex service for translation,
– Financial : Complete review of cost management,
– General : recall on planning events

More than 150 tickets have been closed for this major version.

See changelog for more details.

Historically, interfacing with GLPI OCS Inventory NG server was achieved via the directly integrated “OCSNG mode” into GLPI. This “OCSNG mode” has offer to our users a quick and easy interface for many years.

Nevertheless this mode had a major drawback, it required perfect timing versions of GLPI with the OCS Inventory NG versions and makes difficult to maintain the whole.

To solve this problem, it was decided to develop a GLPI plugin for OCS Inventory NG and remove the “OCSNG mode” in the GLPI’s version 0.84.

This plugin will allow better scalability interfacing GLPI / OCS Inventory NG.

Of course, we took care to ensure a seamless migration for users of versions prior to 0.84. These users have just to install GLPI version 0.84 and install the new GLPI plugin OCS Inventory NG. The plugin automatically retrieves datas and settings from the old “OCSNG mode”.