In some weeks, we will launch the new major version of GLPI: 9.4.
A lot of new features will be launch, here is a short list:

  • a rework of search engine with nested criteria
  • a new user experience for Knowbase
  • Timeline become available for changes and problems
  • drop old tabs (documents, tasks, followups) and keep only timeline on tickets
  • a centralized command line console (see updated documentation)
  • a new rule engine for assets
  • rich text always on (configuration paramater has been dropped)
  • lockable personalization tab on profile

Consult the full changelog for a more complete list.

Today, we release a beta archive of GLPI 9.4 for this future version.

How you can help us ?

Download the beta archive of GLPI 9.4, test the migration and the new features (you may also test the existing ones) and report us the issues you encounter on the bug tracker (tag it as ).

Translators, push missing sentences for your language on transifex.