Dear GLPi users,

We have good news to share with you. GLPi 0.90 release has been planned : 8 october 2015 ! Teclib’ and our contributors are working hard to release their plugins before this new version.

We’re also introducing a new plugin directory website featuring an improved user interface. We’re working hard to improve it, by adding user account creation for plugin submission and notification for new plugin’s versions. Please do not hesitate to let us comments, bugs or pull requests on the github forge .

To finish, we’ve setup a new service for feature proposals. Submitting a feature was not an easy process, consisting of a post on the forum and the creation a ticket by a GLPi developer on the forge. Now you can submit a feature, or vote for features already submitted.

The GLPi team would like to thanks you for using GLPi and being part of our wide community.