Key features

GLPI provides numerous advanced features for inventory and asset management:

  • Asset inventory: computers, screens, printers, network equipments, devices and phones
  • Detailed view of assets, with their connections and network ports

  • Complete historical for each asset modification
  • Operating system management (name, version, edition, kernel, license, etc)

  • Installed software management
  • Internal components management

  • Network components inventory, remote port connection (IP address, MAC address, VLAN, network outlet, etc)

  • Asset lifecycle management (from stock to withdraw)

  • Virtualization (host to vm relation, operating system, software)
  • Datacenters management (rooms, enclosures, racks, PDUs)

  • Inventory of printers, cartridges and consumables
  • Certificates management
  • Telephony management: lines, phones, simcards
  • Assets reservation
  • Network discovery and local inventory using FusionInventory or OCS Inventory plugins