GLPI integrates perfectly into your information system.PUSHED AUTHENTICATION AND ACCESS CONTROLConnect GLPI to multiple authentication sources: LDAP servers, mail servers, etc.
Create advanced rules to manage permissions of users
Cut the application into entities, to gain separate vision and access to specific data
Set up automatic authentication (SSO) to facilitate your users’ acceptanceInventoryThere is always a way to make an inventory of your IT infrastructure:

  • Automated inventory on most OS available on the market
  • Physical machines management, virtualization, and containers
  • Discovery and Network Inventory
  • VMWare server inventory
  • Connecting to third-party inventory tools, such as Microsoft SCCM

CONNECTIONS TO OTHER SOFTWAREGLPI has many connectors to other bricks of your IT infrastructure such as Airwatch, iTop, OpenVAS, Xivo, PreludeSIEM, Centreon, and much more!PluginsThanks to the GLPI Plugin API, you can complete the features of the solution for your own needs.