Formcreator plugin for GLPI is a plugin which allows to create custom forms of easy access. Using Formcreator in GLPI you can offer your users alternative way of ticket creation. All forms are completely translatable and wide selection of fields types is available. Today we are happy to announce the release of Formcreator plugin version 2.11.4.

Bug Fixes

  • dropdownfield,glpiselectfield: entity recursivity regression
  • form: compatibility with themes
  • ldapselectfield: compatibility with PHP 8
  • selectfield: regex comparison
  • selectfield,cheeckboxesfield: too much escaping


  • glpiselectfield: hook to allow plugins to declare their itemtypes

How does it work? The new feature allows to use in Formcreator new types of objects created by Generic Object plugin.

What is Generic Object plugin? This plugin allows you to add new inventory objects types, integrated into GLPI framework. Let´s see:

Download the release: click here or try it on GPI Network Cloud   
Important! You must use the latest version of Generic Object plugin (2.11.0) as well. Download it here.

Check our “how-to” video with step by step process: