We are happy to announce the bugfixes release 2.12.5 of Formcreator. Read our blog post and check the video to get more info.

  • height of category should not be limtied (4a98be86), closes #2574
  • abstracttarget: email actors deduplication (4ec19042)
  • descriptionfield: do not convert description into docs (563f2771)
  • descriptionfield: picture rendering in user form (ddff108f)
  • dropdownfield: invalid SQL (d7f47a6d)
  • dropdownfield: prevent PHP notice (8a7f3f3b)
  • dropdownfield: tree management (99ecf426)
  • form: missing closing braacket (8cd6a021)
  • form: redirect anon user to success page (5ffa1b96)
  • form: saved input problem (bdd1211d)
  • form: typo in export code (946f47f6)
  • form_language: untranslated string (df9ddf0f)
  • formlanguage: chained translation broken (d32682ca)
  • glpiselectfield: entity restriction not applied on users (79af87d2)
  • hostnamefield: value not read from answers (0d799600)

Go to changelog to see the complete list of bugfixes.

DOWNLOAD: click this link