This version is compatible with GLPI 10 only.

documentation review and updates

Bug Fixes

  • cannot delete a ticket from service catalog (acec9bb8)
  • abstractitiltarget: alternative email lost if no requester user (78fd8450)
  • abstracttarget: uuid should not be updated (b1e492d3)
  • checkboxesfield: avoid HTML br tag (c3a60bbb)
  • condition: compatibility with Advanced forms validation (6685b943)
  • descriptinfield: conversion to target requires escaping (b79cfa95)
  • filefield: mandatory check may cause exception (3f711a54)
  • form: PHP warning (844ef96c)
  • form: bad URL when using advanced form validation plugin (adb9fba5)
  • formanswer: grid style updated for current version of gridstack (85b6a686)
  • formanswer: select inherited class if needed (955dc969)
  • formanswer: update gridstack css (70deaa06)
  • glpiselectfield: missing entity restrict (40c9ab73)
  • install: prevent useless warnings (001d12f5)
  • install: use modern settings for tables (f04e4181)
  • issue: remove duplicate item in status dropdown (27f9f313)
  • ldapselectfield: log LDAP error instead of showing it to user (e170dc6f)
  • ldapselectfield: no translation for items (d170c79c)
  • targetticket: prevent exception in inconsistent target ticket (ba6ed88e)
  • textarea: on change event broken (9fb70edb)
  • textarea: rn chars added between lines (66571b80)
  • textarea, entityconfig: embedded image question description (#2901) (0d78db1a)
  • textareafield: embedded image upload broken (d58075cd)
  • textareafield: missing escape before compare (ba78e935)


  • formanswer: order formanswers by date desc (7fdeda51)
  • ldapselectfield: lazy loading (bffcb5b7)

Help / Contribution needed
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