This version is compatible with GLPI 10 only, and is a Release candidate version. Use it only for testing and bug report purpose.

Starting from this version, tags format will change. Previous tags were prefixed with v. This prefix is dropped. See #2376

Upgrade from a previous 2.13.0-Alpha or Beta version
⚠️ The following steps are necessary only when upgrading from a previous development, alpha or beta version. When upgrading from a old release to 2.13.0, you shall not do them.

1 removing the mini_dashboard for Formcreator (counters)
The counters has been changed. You must delete the mini dashboard installed by previous alpha versions of Formcreator. If you’re upgrading from 2.13.0-beta.1 you may skip this step.

Execute the following SQL requests:

FROM glpi_dashboards_items
WHERE dashboards_dashboards_id = (
FROM glpi_dashboards_dashboards
WHERE key=‘plugin_formcreator_issue_counters’

DELETE FROM glpi_dashboards_dashboards WHERE key=‘plugin_formcreator_issue_counters’;
then proceed with the next step (forced upgrade). It will build the new version of the mini dashboard. If you miss this step, the previous dashboard will show empty cards. see #2727

2 Forced upgrade
If you want to upgrade from an older 2.13.0-alpha or 2.13.0-beta version, you should do a forced upgtrade from command line. It will run the upgtrade from the previous minor version (2.12.0) to the current version, update the possible differences of schema in the tables of the plugin. Run the following in CLI : php bin/console glpi:plugin:install formcreator -u glpi -f -p force-upgrade This command exists specifically for development purpose or for active testers.

Rename of anonymous forms to public forms
Some users of the plugin have been confused with the anonymous forms. Anonymous form are not a way to create tickets preventing technicians to identify requesters or authors. They are accessible by users without being logged in GLPI. Because of this confusion, anonymous forms are renamed public forms.

Help / Contribution needed
Locales updates: Some languages don’t have maintainer, or are late (many untranslated content). Please contribute on Transifex.
documentation review and updates

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