The new GLPI 9.3 ITSM software version is out, discover the new features!

Data Center Inventory Management

The main addition of this new GLPI version is the datacenter mode.
The following menu items has been added:

  • Assets
    • Racks
    • Enclosures
    • PDUs
  • Management
    • Datacenter
      • Server rooms

Two new graphical views appears and allow to drag & drop the racks in rooms, and items in racks.

Rack view with drag & drop support!

From item’s models (in Setup > Dropdowns), it’s now possible to set the specifications:

  • weight ;
  • depth ;
  • required units ;
  • and for rack view, front and rear pictures.

Pictures in racks

For the Rack plugin users, we provide an optional migration script. It’s available in scripts/migrations folder of archive.

ITIL solution historical

On the main ITIL objects (Tickets, Problems and Changes), the solutions can now be multiple and so historized

Ticket's Timeline

A color code is now available to indicate the approval status of the solution:

  • orange: Waiting for approval ;
  • red: Refused solution ;
  • gree: Accepted Solution.

OpenStreetMap integration

The locations now include a widget to place a marker on an openstreetmap view (and so facilitate latitude and longitude definition).

To consume these geographical data, from an inventory items list, a new icon is available to display a map view.

OpenStreetMap control on inventory items

Login multiples sources

GLPI 9.3 ITSM software now supports on its login page, the selection of user login source.

Thus, the same login can be present on several authentication sources (same login on two different LDAP directories for example).

By default, if only one source is available (Internal GLPI DB), the dropdown list remains hidden.

Login page

Historical filters

On Historical tab of GLPI items now appears controls for filtering the displayed rows.
You will be able to set display for the following columns:

  • Date ;
  • User ;
  • Field ;
  • Update.

Historical filters

MYSQL InnoDB engine

New GLPI installations will now stored on MySQL InnoDB engine.
This will mainly prevent locks on the entire tables during expensive queries and no longer block the GLPI interface for other users (the initiator of the query will always be while the execution).

The existing instances will remain by default on the MyISAM engine. We can’t perform the migration with the classic update script. This is a lengthy operation depending on the size of the database and server performances.

For reasonably sized GLPI instances (glpi_logs table < 1Go), we provide an optional script scripts/innodb_migration.php in the archive to allow you to apply this change.

For large GLPI instances (glpi_logs table > 1Go), the script can be very long, you should prefer an external tool like Perconapt-online-schema-change.

Always be sure to make a backup before these interventions!

GLPI Network by Teclib’

We’re launching a new website for the GLPI Network distribution.
You will be able to:

  • subscribe to editor support (tiers 3) on GLPI and popular plugins,
  • donate to support the project,
  • find a partner to help you integrate GLPI in your IT.

new website:

In the next months, new services will be added on this website:

  • “Virtual appliance” download,
  • get specifications of standard asset models (weight, dimensions, pictures, …),
  • get preconfigured models dictionaries.

See you on!


  • The purgelogs plugin is now part of the GLPI core.
  • A new keyboard shortcut in textareas to submit forms has been added.
  • Network equipments and printers can now embed disks.
  • Print support is now better.
  • Multiple inventory items in licenses.
  • The CAS library is now an external dependency (its license conflicts with GLPI one). It will be necessary to install the package of your distribution ( install php-cas).
  • The demo website has been reviewed. It’s now filled with coherent data and is reset regularly.