Teclib’ is happy to announce the release of GLPI 9.5.7.

This release fixes several security issues that has been recently discovered. Update is strongly recommended!

You can download the GLPI 9.5.7 archive on GitHub.

You’ll find below the list of security issues fixed in this bugfixes version:

  • SQL injection using custom CSS administration form
  • Reflected XSS using reload button

Also, here is a short list of important bugfixes done in this version:

  • FIX missing mail headers in mail collector rules engine (#10337)
  • FIX infinite loop when collecting mail attachments with the same name (#9667)
  • FIX zero height images in mail collector (#10109)
  • FIX duplicate ranking when rules are ordered (#9888)
  • FIX anonymous ticket creation (#10320)
  • FIX project cloning (#9964)
  • and more

The full changelog is available for more details.

We would like to thank all people who contributed to this new version and all those who contributes regularly to the GLPI project!

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