You’re encouraged to upgrade your GLPI agents or migrate if you’re still using FusionInventory agents.

You can download it on the GLPI Agent github project:

This release includes some fixes and enhancements. Here are the most important ones:

  • we implemented a feature request from the community to support SSL server certificate of the GLPI server deployment with operating system deployment feature:
    • on windows, the glpi server certificate can be deployed through the enterprise keystore,
    • on macosx, the glpi server certificate can be deployed in system keychain through a MDM.
  • we added the support of the new ‘ssl-fingerprint’ option and it permits to trust a GLPI server certificate without the need of deploying a certificate:
    • you can first enable one time the ‘no-ssl-check’ option on one agent to find the related ssl fingerprint reported in agent log,
    • then you can set the discovered value for all your agents and disable ‘no-ssl-check’ on the first one.
  • the windows MSI packaging is now using Perl 5.36.0 and includes some fixes and improvements:
    • as it was wrongly creating firewall rules, this is fixed and wrong rules are removed,
    • few libraries was missing if you wanted to use SNMPv3 authentication during network discovery or inventory,
    • the installer was failing to create the windows task when you wanted to use windows task scheduling,
    • few configurations was not possible during silent installation.
  • the MacOSX packages has been upgraded to use Perl 5.36.0, OpenSSL 3.0.3 & zlib 1.2.12 and the installation on APFS filesystem has also been fixed.
  • for linux packaging, we have also few big improvements:
    • AppImage support for older linux like CentOS 7,
    • AppImage uninstallation process has been improved,
    • Snap packaging has been upgraded to use Perl 5.36.0,
    • perl linux installer has been enhanced to support installation on openSUSE.
  • For inventory task, we integrated:
    • a patch from the community which can fix monitor inventory on linux,
    • an Oracle database inventory support update,
    • an update to avoid false positive antivirus alert during software inventory on windows,
    • a fix on JSON format support to avoid wrongly encoded strings on macosx,
    • a fix against a JSON validation error while monitor serial is an integer,
    • a fix on generated partial inventory as the ‘partial’ property was missing,
    • an update for additional-content option support while using JSON format.
  • RemoteInventory task has been improved so remote ssh inventory of linux/unix platforms can fallback on ssh command calls when libssh2 is not available.
  • Netdiscovery and NetInventory tasks now includes a module from the community which enhances DefensePro support.

As always, you can check the more detailed changelog at: