The GLPI project has reached its thirteenth year of existence with several hundred thousand downloads, several thousand references and the many millions of machines managed by GLPI bearing witness to its success.

However, while the community users has grown exponentially, the team of contributors has remained stable and has even been reduced over the new legitimate aspirations of its members. In the same way, the available capacity of the association remained too limited to allow the professionalisation/salarisation of the developers as expected. We have worked hard to find solutions.

We are perfectly aware that, in order to develop GLPI, make it evolve and progress to match our ambitions and users hope, we need to increase significantly the human and financial resources allocated to this project. We are also aware of the limits of the actual associative and community framework in releasing the needed human and financial resources. After a long brainstorming and a rigorous analysis, we have chosen to change to an entrepreneurship model and to give the management of the project to the TECLIB Company.

It is now TECLIB that will ensure the life and evolution of the GLPI project. As an historical partner of the project, TECLIB is more likely to guarantee the growth of the project, both technically and philosophically, while preserving its users and its model under a free license.

Of course, this transfer will be progressive and the current team will be working beside TECLIB to provide the best support.

In the coming months, you will be pleased to see the strong involvement and the new energies, since many surprises have already been planned.

We would like to sincerely thank our entire community for their support and loyalty throughout these years.

Jean-Mathieu Doléans, Founder of project GLPI / Core Team

Julien Dombre, Development Manager / Core Team