We would like to share with you that our partner INFORGES in Spain is now a GOLD partner.

Inforges is a spanish consulting firm specialized in technology, business consulting, talent management, innovation, digital transformation, marketing and communication.

Inforges transforms organizations, both in the public and private sectors, making them evolve and become more efficient, profitable and intelligent, also helping to build a socially and environmentally friendly world.

They bring their experience in consulting, strategy and business solutions, projecting companies towards an interconnected, responsible and sustainable future.

They have a specific division for ITSM services and their teams of consultants and analysts collaborate with the technological fields of all types of organizations to develop their businesses in a more agile and automatic way. Additionally, they collaborate with those who deploy GLPI as an open source software solution for technical services and IT asset management. At Inforges, they help organizations in both the private and public sectors, regardless of their size and complexity.

They can also help:

  • Integrate GLPI with RPA (Automatic Process Robotization) systems;
  • Exploit the data generated in GLPI via Business Intelligence platforms;
  • Manage ICT security, implement GLPI with Security Operations Center functions;
  • Integrate GLPI with IoT monitoring systems.

Website: https://bit.ly/32dKJ4H

We are delighted that the GLPI ITSM solution is increasingly represented around the world and that the GLPI Network subscription service (our on-premise support offer – protect your IT infrastructure) is available to more customers through our new partners. .

Our large network of partners is always open to new collaborations. If you would like to represent one of our products in your country, please contact us: https://glpi-project.org/contact_us/

Being a partner means:

  • Have direct access to Teclib’ technological experience;
  • Get special discounts;
  • Access to official support and many other tools that will help you win more customers and;
  • Increase your reputation in the market by adding open source ITSM to your portfolio.

Discover all the advantages of being a partner here: https://glpi-project.org/partners/