We are looking for a researcher interested in working on a PhD thesis in computer science that consist in studying fundamental and practical issues in designing a system that will match machines inside an IT system with vulnerabilities affecting software installed on these machines, in order to signal to system administrators the vulnerability level and the need to protect or update each machine.

What is the duration of the intership?: 3 years, Starting September 2022.

Where will it take place?: Thesis will take place mainly at INRIA-Rennes site (Beaulieu scientific campus), inside the DiverSE team, and also inside Teclib (Caen,…).

Which is the profile we are looking for?: A person with:

  • Master in computer science or equivalent.
  • Good knowledge in development and software engineering.
  • Good level in english.
  • Curiosity, motivation, autonomy, ability to work inside a team, abstraction capabilities, programming ability, interest for open source.
  • Knowledge in automatic classification and machine learning is appreciated.

For more information, please contact: