Dear Users,

To begin with, we reviewed GLPi’s version numbering (actual version is 0.90.1). Indeed, during the past 13 years of existence and after more than 80 releases, we received many requests for the release of version 1.0. Thus, we eventually decided it was time for a change! However, as releasing a version 1.0 would not completely reflect GLPi’s maturity and history, we chose to jump directly to version 9.1 instead of 0.91.

Furthermore, we are proud to announce that GLPi version 9.1 is due for release in spring, and includes the following features:

  • a new and modern calendar view (based on Infotel’s work)
  • a lock mecanism for assets and tickets (Olivier Moron, Raynet SAS – ARaymond Network contribution)
  • a search engine for licenses
  • an integrated REST API
  • time to own & time to resolve, for tickets (Infotel contribution)
  • simplified and dynamic way to add items to a ticket (Infotel contribution)
  • many bug fixes and new features

The team is currently integrating these new features, and would stabilize the software in the coming weeks.

Thank you for using GLPi and for being part of our Innovative Community. Stay tuned for more news !