GLPI Service desk and ticketing features


Improve the approach and response from IT technicians to users in need with GLPI ITSM software! Manage requests, incidents, issues and changes easy and efficient with service management (service desk) feature.

A service desk is the single point of contact between the service provider (tech support specialists) and users seeking for help with routine questions. Many companies implementing service management software, because it provides great visibility and central control in dealing with IT issues to ensure the steady workflow.

The mechanism of this software is simple: users are creating “tickets”, usually it is a special form where they can describe the problem, attach images, documents, videos, etc. Once the form is completed, support agent is assigned to start working on resolving the described problem. Each stage of communication is displayed, so it is very easy to keep track of the problem solving.

Service Desk is a great tool for both tech specialists and users, for tech specialists it is easy and efficient way to manage and respond to users requests, for users it is a comfortable way of communication with tech support with ability to track the progress of the request.

Talking about Service Management, it impossible not to mention ITSM standards. ITSM standards is a the world’s most widely used framework of best practices for delivering IT services. The goal of this framework is to improve efficiency and achieve predictable service levels. The service assistance module of GLPI ITSM software meets these specific standards and is a perfect solution for companies of any size.

What are the main pluses of Service Desk tool?

1. Transparent communication
2.Effective time management
3.Shared expertise
4.Better user experience
5.Clear track of the workflow

Start automation of your business with GLPI ITSM software, which combines categorisation, escalation, service level agreement, impact, urgency, priority calculation, status standardization, validation request at several levels, and the implementation of automatic workflows based on business policies. To learn more about service management features of GLPI, please, read our article “ITIL V2 COMPATIBLE SERVICE DESK”.