This plugin offers several tools related to LDAP directories declared in GLPI.


Performs various tests on all the LDAP directories declared in GLPI:

  1. test if TCP stream is opened from GLPI to LDAP server hostname / port
  2. check is “BaseDN” field is filled in correctly
  3. initiate an “ldap_connect” to validate the LDAP URI
  4. execute or not an LDAP BIND authentication (with user/password, or TLS cert/key)
  5. perform a generic LDAP Search (with cn=*) and try to count first entries
  6. perform a specific LDAP Search (with LDAP Filter configured) and try to count first entries
  7. get and display all LDAP attributes available on the first entry found

How to get? If you use GLPI on premise, please subscribe to GLPI Network to get it.

Test: on GLPI Network Cloud