This version is compatible with GLPI 10.0.

⚠️ File / image upload removed from public forms

In GLPI 10.0.5 contains a fix which breaks ability to upload files from a public form. It not possible restore this feature without introducing a security problem. Therefore, in this version, it is no longer possible to add a question of type File in a public form. Questions of type Textarea won’t allow users to upload pictures anymore.

It is recommended to update your public forms to remove questions of type File. If you don’t, then requesters will encounter problems when they try to upload files.

Upgrade from 2.13.0 or later

A database sanity check is done before running the upgrade. If the tables of the plugin have a difference with the expected schema the upgrade will fail with a message similar to the following:

The database schema is not consistent with the installed Formcreator 2.13.0. 
To see the logs enable the plugin and run the command bin/console glpi:database:check_schema_integrity -p formcreator

It is required to fix the database, using the diff produced by the CLI command given in the message. Once done, try again to upgrade.

ℹ️ If you know what you are doing you may bypass the sanity check from CLI with the following command.

bin/console glpi:plugin:install formcreator -f -p skip-db-check

Bug Fixes

  • add missing domain for public forms translation (#3162) (970f183c6)
  • duplicate key when updating a profile (1bd6a2ab6)
  • remote glpi prefix for commands (651444a27)
  • abstractitiltarget: set priority from urgency and impact (#3178) (1269edd51)
  • checkboxes: better display (f8fe93a63)
  • checkboxes: padding between items (a62f879ce)
  • condition: infinite loop detection (172d5e8eb)
  • dropdownfield: prevent ambiguous column name (b54523219)
  • form: remove obsolete translations on update (3cc58ac7d)
  • form: rename form answer properties tab (a3395179d)
  • form_language: avoid persistent rich editor toolbar when closing modal (11a8808b5)
  • form_language: display problems when translating (93073e656)
  • form_language: filter out obsolete translations (b38555c5e)
  • formanswer: access restriction (a9451d982)
  • install: distinguish error messages for sanity check (b798bf264)
  • notifications: missing lang tags (3cad18562)
  • question: missing conditions count after update (ea185beb8)
  • question: updating a question returns sanitized label (936ccd475)
  • radios: update escaping of valies (c940e1764)
  • radiosfield: better display (fe6c2e8d0)
  • restrictedformcriteria: bad key when generating error message (6cabca1fe)
  • targetchange,targetproblem: harmonize implemetnation with targetticket (1ba402de0)
  • targetchange,targetproblem: missed code refactor (e24d2fc13)
  • targetticket: wrong property label (fd3d30973)
  • textareafield: target ticket shows HTML when image uploaded (56fc8d54d)
  • translation: avoid rn when using formatted rich (html) text (24113a353)