We are happy to announce our new Silver partner in Poland – SpearDevs.

SpearDevs is a technology company that specializes in developing web applications and providing ITSM solutions to businesses. Their team of experts delivers custom software solutions that enable businesses to optimize their operations and achieve their goals.

They offer a range of web-based solutions, including e-commerce platforms, CRMs, and custom web applications, as well as ITSM solutions that automate processes and provide valuable insights. Their focus is on helping businesses achieve success through innovative technology solutions.

Among many solutions, SpearDevs offers:

  • ITSM;
  • Complex Applications;
  • Ecommerce Solutions;
  • Software Audit;
  • Ecommerce Audit;
  • IT Team Audit.

Website: https://speardevs.com/itsm/

We are excited that GLPI ITSM solution is becoming more and more represented all over the world and GLPI Network (our support offer for on-premises – get your IT Infrastructure secured) subscription service will be available for more customers through our new partners.

Our large partnership network is always open for new collaborations. If you are interested in representing one of our products in your country, get in touch with us: https://glpi-project.org/contact/

Being a partner means:

  • Having an a direct access to the Teclib´s tech expertise;
  • Get special discounts;
  • Access official support,
  • Many other tools which will help you to gain more customers and increase reputation on the market by adding open source ITSM to your portfolio.

Discover all benefits of being a partner here: https://glpi-project.org/partners/