This version is compatible with GLPI 10.0.

Upgrade from 2.13.0 or later

A database sanity check is done before running the upgrade. If the tables of the plugin have a difference with the expected schema the upgrade will fail with a message similar to the following:

The database schema is not consistent with the installed Formcreator 2.13.0. 
To see the logs enable the plugin and run the command bin/console glpi:database:check_schema_integrity -p formcreator

It is required to fix the database, using the diff produced by the CLI command given in the message. Once done, try again to upgrade.

ℹ️ If you know what you are doing you may bypass the sanity check from CLI with the following command.

bin/console glpi:plugin:install formcreator -f -p skip-db-check

Possible encoding problems in tickets created in GLPI 9.5 or older

⚠️ GLPI 10.0 encodes rich text content in a different way compared to GLPI 9.5. This revealed some bugs in the plugin in previous versions and GLPI may display old tickets with HTML tags. A CLI tool is available to fix 3 types of inconsistencies. You should test the command in a testing environment or do a backup first.

bin/console glpi:plugins:formcreator:clean_tickets

Bug Fixes

  • abstractitiltarget: copy may generate unwanted ouput to navigator (8792ed3dc)
  • abstracttarget: support for sla and ola from question (e4c6ffeb6)
  • category: do not access page if the plugin is not active (a959839c7)
  • category: don’t activate plugin to access categories (4cd4f600e)
  • checkboxesfield: back to BR (c8908f265)
  • checkboxesfield: back to BR (56d1e7e94)
  • checkboxesfield, radiosfield: checkboxes and radios backslashes (#3050) (47da0ea0a)
  • common: captcha check (b2b7efc89)
  • dashboard: fix dashboard height (712bdc8ad)
  • datefield: change event and comparison (9da947783)
  • filefield: do not assume index of files (a02a9c7ce)
  • form: delete question does not reset preview tab (ad87ddc87)
  • form: prevent SQL error (17aa94309)
  • form: prevent sending two csrf tokens (c04c71bab)
  • form: tab name must obey ‘show count’ setting (b89232eb3)
  • form_language: call to undefined method (137a66047)
  • formanswer: page switching loose filter (14d3ed7ac)
  • install: bad command in error message (f357d9ca4)
  • install: handle possible null while changing fields (0a847af4c)
  • issue: access to saved searches from service catalog (b7481825a)
  • issue: default joint for issue (631888e47)
  • issue: show save button for followup edit (810c854f1)
  • issue: sync issue fails when a ticket has several validators (3f51fbdd9)
  • issue: useless criteria nesting (369fdb57b)
  • selectfield: too many unescaping (706b70faa)
  • targetticket: set request source if no rule specified (2e04680eb)
  • textareadifield: error when deduplicating uploads (666d81395)
  • wizard: consistent breadcrumb on several pages (6639cda03)