Welcome to your new FAQ!

With this new version, we wanted to make your experience easier and optimise your searches. On your home page, you’ll find tiles for the most popular topics. One click will take you to the item of your choice. You can also view all the categories either via the FAQ menu or the “view all categories” icon.

The FAQ is now divided into categories to make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for. By clicking on the item of your choice, a list of questions will appear. Simply unfold one of them to find your answer. 

If a YouTube video is associated with it, it will be highlighted so that you can view it directly from the article.

 If necessary, you will be redirected to an article in the knowledge base. This will help you set up the tool you’re looking for. 

A dedicated menu for plugins

GLPI has a marketplace with a number of plugins, so a page is now dedicated to them. Here you will find installation and configuration procedures, as well as questions you may already have asked yourself. 

This page includes procedures for plugins developed (in whole or in part) by Teclib’, whether they are available on a subscription basis or not. A tag indicates the subscription level required to download the plugin and whether it is available in the Cloud.

All the videos just a click away!

To simplify your navigation, a “videos” menu is now available directly from the FAQ. Find everything you need in one place

The FAQ is available in English and French. We hope you find it useful and hope you enjoy browsing through our site.