GLPI is an open source software distributed under the GNU General Public License, which does not provide warranty for stable and secure workflow.

GLPI subscription is a subscription for the advanced (level 3) support, which also provides editor´s  warranty.

It secures your GLPI infrastructure, includes the high class service from GLPI core tech team and guarantee stable and predictable performance.

*Starter Subscription was designed for individuals and freelancers exclusively. 

Plugins provided under “Additional service” are exclusive plugins developed by Teclib´ and available only under subscription.


What do GLPI Network Subscriptions include?

Editor´s guarantee
Support level 3
Exclusive plugins by Teclib´
Access to partners-integrators network

Before purchasing the GLPI Network Subscription, please, consult the policy. 

  • Tickets of support 3 included
  • Number of instances
  • Number of IT assets
  • Number of IT agents
  • Remote technical assistance from Teclib
  • Provide GLPI Network as a package (for Debian / RHEL / Fedora / CentOS)
  • Exclusive plugins GLPI Network

  • Configure GLPI Agent for Android via QR code or deeplink (plugin agentconfig)
  • Rename GLPI Strings (plugin localeoverride)
  • oAuth connections to external identity providers : Google, Facebook, Github, Amazon, Azure Active Directory, Microsoft, Gitlab (plugin oauthsso)
  • Handling notifications through collaborative tools : Mattermost, Microsoft Teams, Rocket.Chat, Slack, Telegram (plugin collaborativetools)
  • Customization of the GLPI logo and colors (plugin branding)
  • Data anonymization in GLPI (anonymization plugin)
  • Automatic import of holidays and non-working day as calendar closed periods (plugin holiday, currently supports Yasumi library)
  • Split of the ticket’s categories list into several lists (plugin splicat)
  • ApprovalByMail
  • SQLdashboard
  • Community plugins support L.3

  • Dynamic Inventory (FusionInventory
  • Injection of CSV files (Datainjection)
  • Ticket escalation and HelpDesk enhancements
  • Track credit vouchers consumptions with the Ticket form (Credit)
  • PDF printing (PDF)
  • IT Orders management (Order)
  • Creation of new forms (Formcreator)
  • Uninstallation of hardware (Uninstall)
  • Displaying messages to users (News)
  • Creation and attachment of tags (Tags)
  • Interconnecting with the Metabase reporting tool (Metabase plugin)
  • Standard plugins

  • Creating your own inventory assets (GenericObject)
  • Creating your own custom fields (Fields)
  • Advanced plugins

  • Microsoft SCCM import connector


120per year (*
  • *An additional 20% tax (VAT) will be applied for customers in France
  • 4 tickets*
  • 1 production instance
  • up to 50
  • 1


1,200per year (*
  • *An additional 20% tax (VAT) will be applied for customers in France
  • Unlimited
  • 1 production instance and 1 testing instance
  • up to 500
  • up to 10
  • 2 tickets/year


3,600per year (*
  • *An additional 20% tax (VAT) will be applied for customers in France
  • Unlimited
  • 2 production instances and 2 testing instances
  • up to 5000
  • up to 50
  • 8 tickets/year


12,000per year (*
  • *An additional 20% tax (VAT) will be applied for customers in France
  • Unlimited
  • 4 production instances and 4 testing instances
  • from 5001
  • from 51
  • 20 tickets/year

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