We met with Alejandro Rodríguez Girbés, who leads the IT department of the company Neocos Laboratorios, located in Valencia, Spain.

The company manufactures hair dyes and hair care products for companies such as Mercadona. In this interview you will discover what GLPI tools Alejandro uses in his day to day life and how he improves his work and that of his team.


– Hi Alejandro, thank you very much for joining us today. Please could you tell us your name and position

– My name is Alejandro Rodriguez, I work in Neocos Laboratorios as IT responsible for the IT of the company. We are dedicated to make hair dyes for Mercadona, I have more than 100 users, about 150.

-How did you hear about GLPI? What was the first version you tried?

– I have been using GLPI for maybe 5 years now. We implemented it in the company and it is a tool that being free is very easy to introduce to management and learn how to use it and then as soon as the users see how easy it is to put tickets it is very easy to implement in the company.

– How did you find out about GLPI?

I don’t remember how I found out about it. I think I was searching the internet looking for tools that would allow me to implement ITIL standards and one day I came across GLPI and since that day I have implemented it in this and other companies I have been in.

-What version are you currently using?
– I am currently starting to use the latest version 10.0.3 since the last two weeks. And my idea, is, once I finish implementing it well, to go to the Cloud version for convenience.

– What GLPI functions do you use? Helpdesk, Asset Management, Problem Management, Change Management, Financial Management, Reporting, User Management, Knowledge Base, etc.?
– I have always used it for inventorying all my IT equipment and for ticketing but then the ticketing part also has associated internal management of recurring cases and so on and in this version 10, which is already integrated the issue of inventorying more comfortable, in fact the documentation I found it right away and I inventoried all my part.
Now with this version 10 I am also inventorying the terminals that before I did not do it and now it is very simple and I am even with the management of contracts, budgets and projects. I think I use everything or almost everything! It is very comfortable for me!

– Do you use any GLPI network plugins? If yes, which ones?
– Not at the moment. I did install the IPs plugin and so on, but I didn’t have time.

– How does GLPI help you in your work? What were your requirements for the software and what business/IT problems were you willing to solve with GLPI?
– Starting with ticketing, it is very convenient for me to keep a record of the day to day quantified in numbers, then, it is very useful to keep the inventory of all the park I have, in that sense it is very comfortable because I can draw statistics and then take action based on that, and keep a budget item for the issue of hardware, software. Likewise, it is easier to keep a record of each year’s investment than to look at it folder by folder.

– What is the best feature of GLPI for you?
– Of the whole package, the best is the inventory, having integrated it natively into the tool. For me it has been a very attractive solution.

– Can you give an overall assessment of GLPI (summarize your experience with GLPI)?
– The ease of implementation and the ease of starting to use it. If I have a need, I just look where it is and that’s it. For example, with the issue of recording internal invoicing, it is very convenient for me, the issue of getting a report on the age of the hardware, it is very easy to work with the tool.

– Great, very good. Thank you very much for all your answers, very clear.