Help us to raise 5.900 euros for GLPI data anonymization plugin.

GLPI anonymization of data plugin

We are excited to announce the fundraising for Anonymization plugin for GLPI!  Our latest plugin will allow the data anonymization in GLPI, directly from the web interface of with the command line, either unitarily or massively and will be compatible with GLPI 9.4 and higher.

Find the full description on Open Collective website 

When we will be able to collect what is needed, the development will take 10 days and will be introduced shortly after. 

What is our goal? 5.900 euros.

Will this plugin be available for free for everyone? Yes!

How long will take the development? 10 working days.


So how can you support GLPI? If you are interested in participating to the development of our solutions, you can help us in many ways:

  • Support GLPI on Open Collective:  We have created a special Contributor profile on our Open Collective page. 
  • Support GLPI on Ko-fi: Every donation counts! If you do not want to use Open Collective you can join our campaign on Ko-fi. Donating has never been so easy… You can buy us as many cups of coffee as you wish.

Thank you for supporting us and our open source project!

How you can support GLPI: making a donation.

GLPI is an incredible ITSM software tool that helps you plan and manage IT changes in an easy way, solve problems efficiently when they emerge and allow you to gain legitimate control over your company’s IT budget, and expenses.

Although it is an open source project, our skills, expertise and time are not free. Your donations help us to continue developing GLPI, add more features and keep the project available for everybody.

Support GLPI on Ko-Fi: 

Supporting GLPI with Ko-Fi is as easy as buying us a cup of coffee 🙂 Go to website and just in the middle of the page you will see “Buy a Coffee for GLPI”. The amount of donation is fixed – 3 euros, – but you can select 2-3-15 cups by clicking the sign of “+”.

Support GLPI on Ko-Fi


The amount of donation will be multiplied accordingly.

You can also add public or private message. The private message would be visible only for GLPI team. When you are done with the amount, click big red button “Support GLPI”, you will be redirected to the PayPal page. You do not need to have a valid PayPal account to complete the operation, but you will need a valid credit card to fill in all information you see on the screenshot:

Support GLPI with Ko-Fi

After you finish filling in your information, click “Pay Now”. That is it! We will receive an email confirming your donation. Thank you for supporting GLPI!


Support GLPI on Open Collective:

If you would like to make a bigger donation, we have another option: Open Collective. On this website you can contribute our project starting from 5 euros.Support GLPI on OPen CollectiveYou will just need a valid credit card to proceed the transaction. Select the amount of your contribution, fill in your card details and click “make contribution”.