We’re excited to share our experience from participation in the NetEye User Group event, which was organised by Teclib´ Gold partner in Germany Wüerth Phoenix on the 21st of September in Nuremberg. It was a day full of learning, networking, and, of course, fun! 

The program of the event included several speakers: 

  • Christoph Holz and his inspiring presentation about the profound changes that digital disruption is bringing to our working world.
  • Georg Kostner, Reinhold Trocker and Tobias Goller from the NetEye team and their valuable insights into the future development strategy in the areas of observability, AIOps, SIEM and network monitoring.
  • Gerfried Schweiger and Rainer Winter and  their insightful reports.
  • Thomas Edelmann and the team at agilimo Consulting, who highlighted the importance of SIEM technologies for the smooth running of a SOC. 
  • Wirk Römmelt from XM Cyber and his impressive insight into an attacker’s perspective and the explanation of automated cybersecurity defense through Attack Path Management.
  • Anna Kostrzewska (Channel Manager Teclib)  and Polina Marishicheva (Marketing & Communications manager at Teclib) with GLPI presentation. 

All slides are available in .PDF format on the website of the event: https://gravitate.eu/neteye-user-group/ 

Teclib was invited to talk about GLPI – the presentation was titled  “From Good to Great: GLPI’s Latest Enhancements in Asset Management and Ticketing – Achieving ITIL Compliance with Unified Monitoring Synergy”  and was a celebration of GLPI’s remarkable journey over the past 20 years. 

One of the standout features of GLPI is its ability to offer a wide range of functionalities within a single platform. Whether it’s asset management, ticketing, or user management, GLPI brings all these features together seamlessly.

The presentation also highlighted the platform’s commitment to improving, and staying at the forefront of IT asset management and ticketing solutions. Teclib’s role as the official editor of GLPI was acknowledged as a growing factor in this journey, emphasising the importance of collaboration, community, and open source in the world of IT management.

GLPI is constantly evolving, and the audience got a glimpse of what’s in store for the future. The commitment to staying up-to-date with industry trends is one of the priorities, we were happy to share work in progress. 

Teclib and Würth Phoenix are forging a strong partnership aimed at advancing open-source collaboration through the integration of GLPI into NetEye, creating an integrated unified system platform.

 This collaborative effort operates on several key fronts, including Research and Development, where both teams pool their expertise to improve the capabilities of NetEye. 

Additionally, the partnership places a significant emphasis on Security with a DevSecOps approach, ensuring that the integrated solution maintains the highest levels of data protection and resilience. Furthermore, their joint Customer Service Support and Delivery – Consultancy efforts ensure that clients receive appropriate  assistance and consulting services throughout their journey with the integrated NetEye platform. 

Users have the option to enhance their NetEye subscriptions by incorporating GLPI on-prem subscriptions, providing a comprehensive view of the extensive value-added services available within the integrated NetEye ecosystem.

With the support of its dedicated community and official partners GLPI is well-equipped to continue its journey from good to great in the world of IT asset management and ticketing.