FormCreator plugin version 2.7.0 for GLPI

FormCreator plugin for GLPI is a plugin which allows to create custom forms of easy access and also one or more tickets or changes when the form is filled. Today we are happy to announce the [...]

How to manage more than 1.000 IT assets with GLPI?

IT assets management is one of the major problems every big company faces nowadays. How do they solve it? First, let´s clarify the term “asset management”. IT assets are electronic devices [...]


We are excited to announce that GLPI ITSM software  is now available on Amazon Web Services! AWS Marketplace is a digital catalog with thousands of software listings  (and GLPI is among them!) [...]

Teclib´will present GLPI in French Tech Tour Brazil 2018!

FRENCH TECH TOUR BRAZIL – REVEAL & INVEST DAY 2018 France organizes pitches competition during São Paulo Tech week 2018 #SPTW2018 to support French & Brazilian startups and [...]

Meet 3 new Silver Partners for GLPI Network!

Teclib’ continues on global expansion strategy  thanks to 3 partnerships with companies known for their IT expertise experience and excellent reputation. We are proud that GLPI ITSM solution is [...]

What makes GLPI Network so great?

GLPI 9.3 released with datacenter mode and multiple ITIL solutions

The new GLPI 9.3 ITSM software version is out, discover the new features! Data Center Inventory Management The main addition of this new GLPI version is the datacenter mode. The following menu [...]

The New Website Goes Live!

Since the project birth in 2003, GLPI has been the go-to destination for individuals and companies searching for a free and open-source ITSM software solution.

Glpi now uses atoum for its unit tests!

About 2 years ago, we’ve begin to add some unit tests in the GLPI project; thanks to Valentin and Remi Collet. The PHPUnit framework has been used, since this is the most “common” [...]

Introducing GLPI 9.1

Dear Users, To begin with, we reviewed GLPi’s version numbering (actual version is 0.90.1). Indeed, during the past 13 years of existence and after more than 80 releases, we received many [...]

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