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What is GLPI Agent?

GLPI Agent is an application used for software and hardware inventory for Android-based phones (for the moment).

The data collected by GLPI Agent directly goes to the ITSM GLPI software via the FusionInventory plugin.

Access the full features list here:

GLPI Android Inventory AgentWhat features you can expect in this release:

  • New design of the interface
  • Manual run and send the inventory
  • Schedule tasks to run and send the inventory
  • Send inventory to multiple GLPI servers
  • Show local inventory under the app (app has a feature which allows user to look at the data retrieved by the inventory)
  • Share local inventory (sms / mails / bluetooth etc …) – share it (an xml / json file) via native Android sharing
  • Start app on a system boot
  • QR code and Deeplink management to pre-fill agent configuration (requires a plugin available only in the GLPI Network subscription)

Android mobile devices compatibility:

  • From Android 4 (Jelly Bean) to Android 9 (Pie)




GLPI/FusionInventory/Agent Config compatibility:

9.2.x 9.2+x 1.0.0
9.3.x 9.3+x 1.0.0
9.4.x 9.4+x 1.0.0
Release link Release link GLPI Network Subscription


How you can get GLPI Android Inventory Agent?

You can download it on Google Play: click

The professional support for GLPI Android Inventory Agent and GLPI is available through our Partners´ Network for the customers covered by GLPI Network Subscription. Obtain a personalised professional support by contacting us: click


GLPI Android Inventory Agent is interconnected with GLPI and FusionInventory plugin.

Use CMDB management with GLPI and FusionInventory inventory rules to manage easily your Android-based mobile fleet.

 GLPI plugin “Agent Config” allows you to easily configure (server and inventory frequency) the agent via QR Code or DeepLink (only available under GLPI Network subscription)

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