We are happy to announce that now you can enjoy updated version of GLPI on Amazon Web Services: 9.4.2. This version is the most advanced and stable, you will find below the changes of this bug fixes version:

* Security: prevent external redirections
* Fix some performances issues
* Fix various issues on plugins loading (cache conflict, bad locales)
* Fix display of documents in tickets
* Fix display of user’s pictures
* Fix lost of some relations and sql errors when transferring items
* Feature: add Historical tab on config page

We also would like to remind all benefits of using GLPI Network Basic on AWS. First of all GLPI on AWS is a pre-configured GLPI ready to use: no more time spent on configuration, Teclib´ team already did the work for you!

Second advantage would be a pay-per-hour option: save money and use GLPI only when you need to.

Third, enjoy all benefits of Basic package:

  • Oauth connections to external identity providers (Office 365, Azure, Google, Amazon, Github, Facebook, etc.)
  • Split of the tickets´ categories list into several lists (one per level)
  • Additional reports for Metabase integration
  • HP Warranties retrieval script

Plugins included & supported:

  • FusionInventory. Inventory and automatic deployment
  • Datainjection. CSV files injection
  • Ticket escalation and Helpdesk enhancements (Escalade)
  • PDF. PDF printing
  • Order. Order management
  • Metabase
  • Formcreator. New form creation
  • Uninstall. Assets uninstall

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