We are proud to announce that after hard dedicated work we have released GLPI 9.5 version. Please, consult the blog below to know what is new.

Available for download : here


The discovery and installation of GLPI plugins becomes simpler.
You will now have a new dedicated interface to automatically download and control your plugins.
The old interface is still available for those who prefers it.

onglet "découverte" marketplace

A new file ../glpi/marketplace now exists in the root of the GLPI tree to accommodate plugins downloaded in this way, this folder must be placed to your WEB server.

In exchange for access to this new “marketplace”, it will be necessary to register on the dedicated site GLPI-Network; no payment or subscription to a paid offer is necessary, simply your registration in order to retrieve a registration key to enter in the dedicated tab of your general configuration.

Marketplace free keyFor plugin developers, contact us to obtain the information to have your plugins published on all GLPI instances.

Impact management and relationship management

From most of the objects in the fleet, you will now have access to a new “Impact” tab allowing you to create the relations between your assets and visualize the impact of a breakdown towards critical element.

graphique d'impact et de dépendances

You will find this view from a ticket for the associated elements.

When building a graph for a property, you will have access to a toolbar allowing you to:

  • add other goods to the chart
  • to trace the connections
  • to group assets
  • to export the chart as PNG
  • go to full screen mode
  • to control the tree level

barre d'outils des impacts


A new default tab appears on the main page to display customizable dashboards.

Assets dashboard

These dashboards can be:

  • shared with other users or integrated with other applications
  • put in full screen mode (to be displayed on a large screen, for example)
  • edited / added / deleted / cloned to precisely fit your reporting needs.

In addition to the central page, there is also a dashboard for the 1st level menus:

  • Park
  • Assistance

and in addition, from the general configuration, you can also activate “mini” dashboards for tickets

setup dashboard

Follow-up templates

Just like with tasks, you can now use saved responses for your follow-up on tickets/requests/problems.
The fields description, source and private information will be filled in when you pick an answer.

gabarits de suivis

Templates for problems and changes

Ticket templates have been extended to problems and changes.
They also contain fields:

  • Hidden
  • Pre-defined
  • Mandatory

gabarits ITIL

Just like the ticket templates, you can assign these new templates for:

  • The categories
  • The profils
  • The entities

These cases are applied in increasing priority order.

Kanban for projects

Contribution of Curtis Conard

Projects now welcome a new “kanban” view in order to quickly organize tasks and sub-projects by their status.

Project contributors can change a column map to change the status of the corresponding object and the project supervisor can rearrange them vertically.

A text field is available at the top of the view in order to filter the cards displayed in the columns.

A global view has also been added (accessible from the breadcrumb thread) in order to view all the cards and all projects combined.

Hooks have been added to allow plugins to add information to “maps”. The Tag plugin already uses this possibility.

Improvement of planning

The planning welcomes many new features, e.g. the latest version of the fullcalendar library (version 4.x).

A new type of event appears: “external events”, – it allows materializing appointments outside GLPI and you can decide if the planning of ticket task is suitable for time slot of technician.

These external events can be defined as “background” in order to be displayed in a fade out manner in the schedule. This can be used to visualize working hours, for example.

événements externes

Via an additional plugin (for licensing reasons, see the plugin’s “readme”), a new view is added to display users and groups vertically and not overlay their events.

Vue ressources (avec plugin)

A full caldav server has been added to have bi-directional synchronization with your applications (thunderbird lighting, evolution, etc.). We still keep ical exports.

In addition, an export of events in csv format has been added.

server caldav et export csv

It is now possible to import read-only, an external calendar in ical format.

import ical

And finally, unchecked by default, it is now possible to display unplanned tasks (tickets / problems, etc.) in order to facilitate their planning.
They are displayed since their creation dates (minus their durations). .

tâches non planifiées


GLPI now supports the rule of one time zone per user.

The dates are recorded in UTC in the database and the various displays and notifications containing dates and times will be converted into the zone of the corresponding user.

Définition d'un fuseau horaire

The storage format of the MySQL database is now by default TIMESTAMP for new installations.

For existing ones a separate migration apart from the main update process is required in order to take the advantage of the functionality.

You must use the following command to do it:

php bin/console glpi:migration:timestamps

Note that GLPI continues to work correctly with the MySQL DATETIME format (but without the support of time zones).


For debugging or administrative purposes, it is now possible for “super-admin” (or any profile with the configuration rights) to temporarily take the ownership of another user’s account without knowing the password.

An icon  is available at the top in the user´s file to perform this action:

impersonate un utilisateur

To note:

  • A special banner will show permanently as long as the function is active and will allow you to exit this mode.
  • The history of actions taken by the administrator will appear with a special note: “user (xxx) impersonated by admin (yyy)”.

Password Security Policy

“Security” tab appears in the general configuration in order to define the security policy related to local passwords (external accounts are not affected).

The previously existing options (length, special characters, etc.) are moved to this new tab.

New fonts have been added to manage password expiration.
Alerts and corresponding notifications are triggered when expirations (or their notices) expire.

Design and user experience

Some improvements for this new version of GLPI concerning the user experience:

  • The form headers have been revised to make the navigation icons appear more clearly in the list.
  • In addition, we retrieved the massive actions from the list to make them appear on these unitary objects.

Certain actions such as “Add to transfer list” were inaccessible when viewing the objects one by one.

Nouvelle entête

The general menu now supports icons from the Font Awesome library for each of the entries.

They are also included in the breadcrumbs

Icônes dans les menus

From the same library, the generic buttons of the forms are also decorated with contextual icons.

In order to facilitate the management of components, it is now possible to highlight all or partly these assets in the Fleet menu.

Previously to access the list of instances (and not the models) of SIM cards, for example, it was necessary to follow the following steps:

  • Configuration menu> Components
  • SIM cards in the list
  • Icon  in the breadcrumb

or to visualize them in the goods welcoming them.

Now, after configuration, they are accessible in 1 click:

composants dans le menu Parc

It is now possible to send and respond to validation requests directly from the timeline.

validation dans la timeline

It is now possible to customize the CSS of GLPI entity by entity.

CSS custom

Adding a “Darker” theme

Thème sombre


  • The minimum requirement for PHP now changes to 7.2. Released in 2018, this version should be available easily on all current platforms, and it brings appreciable features for developers. Finally it is the oldest version still supported by the developers of the php language.


  • Adding clusters
  • Display of disk encryption in computers
  • Adding disks and software to “phone” object


  • Possibility to display the timeline images as a lightbox gallery (PhotoSwipe library)
  • Collector: possibility to mark a supplier follow-up in private (configuration by entity)
  • Adding search option “Next level of Escalation” to the list of tickets
  • Business rules for tickets:
    • Added action “Support time”> “Do not calculate”
    • Added “Status” criteria (to the ticket)
  • Added “code” field for categories
  • Added automatic action to wipe out closed tickets
  • “Timeline” improvement : view total task duration on top.

Management / Tools:

  • Added “Active” field on suppliers
  • Added management of domains and their registrations
  • Integration of plugin appliances.

Administration / Configuration

  • History tab added in the General configuration.
  • Authorization rules now executed for local users.


  • Improvements for better WEB accessibility of GLPI (start of work for WCAG and RGAA support)

If you are interested in professional support for GLPI, please visit this page: Subscriptions