GLPI Agent 1.4 has been released

GLPI Agent 1.4 has been released.

You’re encouraged to upgrade your GLPI agents or migrate if you’re still using FusionInventory agents.

You can download it on the GLPI Agent github project:

This release includes few fixes and enhancements.

The most important one fixes a regression introduced in GLPI-Agent v1.3 which prevents windows or macosx agents to communicate with HTTPS GLPI server using a publicly signed SSL certificate.

For the other ones:

  • new ssl-fingerprint option feature now also works on CentOS7,
  • on SSL communication error, the agent will report a more explicit reason,
  • we added support for linux systemd-nspawn container inventory,
  • we added a new Acer monitor model support: B226WL,
  • we fixed the support of non-standard port for ssh remote inventory,
  • the MacOSX packages have been upgraded to use OpenSSL 3.0.4,
  • the linux perl installer now support installation on Oracle Linux 8.

As always, you can check the more detailed changelog at: