Release GLPI Agent for Android



This new version allows you to override the serial number :

In new versions of Android, it is no longer possible to retrieve the ‘real’ phone’s serial number (considered as sensitive and private data). The agent therefore generates a UUID (as recommended by Google ->

However, on a factory reset or when reinstalling the inventory agent, this UUID changes. And when an inventory is uploaded, GLPI will create a new device (because the serial number is different). It is now possible to define a serial number (with the one already stored in GLPI) to avoids duplication in the GLPI inventory.

The Agent Config plugin has also been updated, to feature a new QRCode / Deeplink on the device file containing the serial number.

Android compatibility

  • From Android 4 (Jelly Bean) to Android 13 (Sdk 33)
  • GLPI / GLPIinventory / Agent Config compatibility
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