GLPI E-Report 2023 is here!

The year 2023 is coming to a close! This year has been marked by numerous exciting developments for Teclib’ and GLPI, and we’re thrilled to share the highlights with you.

Every year, we offer you a recap of GLPI. Our E-Report 2023 is now available, and you can download it today.

download glpi e-report

What will you find in this Annual Report?

  • Celebration of GLPI’s 20th anniversary;
  • Overview of GLPI 2023: global partnerships, new users, downloads, cloud instances, new plugins;
  • Users about GLPI (discover what they appreciate!);
  • Recap of GLPI Partners Day 2023.

Where to download? 

You can download it for free here:

A big thank you to everyone for your contribution!