New exclusive GLPI plugin: GLPI-AI

We would like to announce a new exclusive GLPI Network plugin — GLPI-AI — Available at It is now available for clients with a GLPI Network subscription (Basic, Standard, Advanced) and PHP version >= 8.1, and starting from April 22nd for all GLPI Cloud instances.

This plugin adds the ability to summarize the timeline items of tickets using the Open AI API. 

Find the documentation here:

View our brochure to find out more :

GLPI AI is building on OpenAI

New Plugin: PowerDNS

We would like to announce a new plugin – PowerDNS – available via our professional offers ! From the level “Basic” in GLPI Network Subscriptions (on-premise):

Plugin Features:

Import and manage domains/records from and to PowerDNS by using GLPI interface. We use PowerDNS API to retrieve these objects and insert them in the corresponding GLPI tables.

On plugin first installation and when configuration is done, we import all domains and records from PowerDNS to GLPI. Then, we keep them synchronized with the help of a GLPI crontask.

More, every actions done on GLPI side on related objects will be replicated on PowerDNS side. Domains deleted or updated, records deleted or updated, etc.


Find the subscription brochure here:

On GLPI Network Cloud 

Documentation for this plugin can be found by clicking this link: 

You can test this plugin (and all other GLPI Network plugins) on your GLPI Network Cloud demo instance. 

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