Streamlining Asset Management: automating transfers in GLPI

In the dynamic world of IT asset management, maintaining accurate and efficient control over asset allocation is crucial. GLPI, an open-source IT Asset Management system, provides a powerful and comprehensive solution to manage a vast array of assets. From hardware to software inventories to networking equipment.

When looking for efficiency, an effortless and reliable asset management process is crucial for maintaining operational data up-to date, laying the foundation for strategic planning.

The Challenge of Manual Asset Transfers

Manual asset transfers and update are one of the most faced challenges within an organization that starts the CMDB processes. The process, inherently prone to human error, can lead to inaccuracies in data, misallocations, and administrative overhead. It means costs and less perception of value to the company. Not to mention the time consumed from the people responsible to assure the inventory is correctly updated.

Automating Asset Transfers with GLPI

Automating asset transfer in GLPI not only saves time but also ensures a more efficient and error-free management process. By leveraging business rules, you can ensure that computers, software licenses, and monitors are always optimally allocated, improving overall productivity and resource utilization.

Benefits and Best Practices for Automated Asset Management

  • Choosing the correct criteria
    • Name – beginning, ending
    • IP – ranges, or fixed ones
    • Serial number – if it’s a lot
    • Inventory numbers
    • GLPI Inventory Agent tags
  • Standardize those rules in real life decisions
    • Make operations team understand that naming devices, VLAN, selecting IP addresses, impact directly into the documentation scenario.
    • Create documents to let everyone knows the new standards and the why’s.
  • Keep records of every asset and where they are in the organization.

Extra resources

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00:00 – Why and when should I transfer assets between entities on GLPI?

01:30 – Manual transferring of assets between entities

02:47 – Rules for assigning an item to an entity

05:44 – Automatic transferring of assets between entities

07:34 – Extra tips for asset management

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